Singing With Love.

Singing with love,

The boy caught the train.

The journey was more humorous,

Than it being awesome.

Singing with love,

The boy saw many things,

What attracted him the most,

Was the speed with which the things moved.

He had two apple pies with him,

And rest his parents bought from the vendors,

The rest and whole of it was a very happy journey.

Blessed aren’t we all?



The Unbearable Pain ( Poetry).

The unbearable pain,

Seems to lessen.

But, I don’t know why?

It takes so much time to heal,

As if, it is a reminder of the pain itself.

But wonder of wonders,

The drizzle of the first rain,

Can wipe many a tear,

And with it love blossoms.

The unbearable pain,

Dismisses itself for a longer time.

It is happiness which rains,

That’s what the beauty of it is.