Engage In Positivity.

Engage in positivity,

To rock upon the world,

To win your dreams,

To not make a shortfall.

To be brilliant,

To be happy,

To be lightful,

To be hugely drapped in internal beauty.

It can’t be bought and has to be earned with one’s own work.

You cheat, you will lose.

You put your heart into it and it will definitely work.

Make up the mind to be always ready,

To engage in positivity,

As we often sway in ways which aren’t ours and

Neither can they help us in anything.

Engage in positivity and remain in it.



Four Donkeys And A Baby Donkey.

Four donkeys and a baby donkey were trotting down with their two masters.

The husband and wife who were guiding them had laden them with goods and cloth bags.

The whole scene was beautiful for the donkeys and their goods looked neat and clean.

The donkeys were walking much faster than their masters, in retrospection of the fact that donkeys are slow beings.