A Summer Rose.

A summer rose blooms,

To its best.

Bright red,

And not in jest.

A summer rose,

Livens up the living room.

A summer rose,

Adds life to a house,

For it becomes the center of attraction.

A summer rose,

Is beauty, charm and magic.

If you have one in your house or garden.

Then you would know.



The Melodic Singing.

The melodic singing.

Would blow away everyone’s ears.

Such was the singing.

The melody was as blunt as a drum playing a flute.

The melody singing was so screechy,

That if your ears didn’t become red, painful and blooming,

You could call it a melody.

The melodic singing,

Was not fit for any display,

Not even for the singer’s mind.

So, the melodic singing was kept locked in the locker of the deep mind,

From where it won’t be retrieved for ever and ever again.



The First Word.

The first word,

Was the beginning of the sentence,

Which ended with a full stop.

It was not an “an”.

Not anything abnormal.

The word was “cake”.

Now how does a sentence begin with the word “cake?”.

In this way-“ Cake is my love. I love cakes.

Everyday I eat atleast four pieces of cakes.”

The first word “cake”,

Became the legend for him,

And he was remembered as the

Boy and man,

First words would always be “cake”.



Impossibly Hard.

Impossibly hard,

Was eating the taco prepared by my friend,

For he can’t even be called an amateur cook.

The taco was not fit for human consumption,

It was not even fit enough to play tic-tac-toe with.

Impossibly hard,

Was to lie to him,

“That your taco is beautiful.”

But at last he spit it out,

And said-“I am sorry. I know the taco tastes like crap.”

Soon, we all went out for having tacos which were truly what can be called –“Tacos”.