The Ride To Paris.

eiffel tower of paris

The ride to Paris,

Is quite a hyped one.

The this and that,

The big things which happen there,

Are more mental than being truthful.

But yes, it’s a dream to once go there,

To see the city,

But for that you need money

And that’s where the plan falls short.



The Place Where I Want To Go.

The place where I want to go,

Is far off as It in a foreign land,

The route is long

And time is short,

The fare Is higher and the resort owners have made their mind to charge extremely higher rates

Their rate cards are so high that they wouldn’t go have been able to afford it hadn’t they owned It.

The place where I want to go is where ever Ma is

And that would be my final journey.



Beautiful Memories Of The Past.

Beautiful memories of the past,

Lets me fly to the time that was uniquely,

Non miserable and truly lovely.

It says that for the time was in my hands,

Without any over looming towers of nonsense.

Without any bull shot being served on a golden platter.

Without a thought of harm hovering around.

The memories do reignite the pain that is within,

But such is the power,

Of Ma’s love that despite me being unable,

Ma has kept me going.

It really takes a lot to be and to become,

But it takes much, much more to simply stand by.