A Workable Ice Cream.

What is a workable ice cream?

Is it an ice cream which can do workouts?

Afterall icecreams cause people to workout in the gyms.

For it is the profession of the ice cream makers,

To make it more creamier.

A workable ice cream,

Must be such a one,

Where people can have sufficient amount of it,

Yet there shouldn’t be much hulaboo about it,

For an workable ice cream is hard to achieve.

Who knows may be in the wonderland of happiness it may be available.



In The Land Of Beauty.

In the land of beauty.

All were awe looking,

For the beauty,

Was unseen.

Where is the beauty?

Was the question after all.

Oh! The charm and the flair,

All went down like an inflated balloon.

The beauty was searched everywhere,

But it was unknown and unseen,

In the land of beauty,

Many said beauty can truly be seen.

Could it really be seen?

Or was it a simple illusion of make up over skin,

That had glitter and glory,

Falling down on their sheens?



A Soul.

A soul said to me,

The sun is blue,

And the moon is red.

Keep the sky in the drawer,

And say the rest.

Keep on playing.

The harmonica,

The beautician’s magic.

I am the one behind the curtains,

Let the colours finish.

I said-“What are you saying?”

He said-“I didn’t say anything.

It was the saying of the truth.” 

Who knows?