Idea Of Posting A Letter.

Idea of posting a letter,

Came into a boy’s mind.

He immediately wrote a letter,

To his sister in a far off country,

Bought the stamps,

Paid for the postage,

With his pocket money,

And posted the letter.

His sister was unaware,

That her brother had posted a letter.

When it reached her,

After a month,

Tears and streams of tears,

Flowed out of her eyes,

And she couldn’t bring herself to write a letter to her brother,

Whom, once upon a time,

She used to feed,

Clothe, cuddle and love.

Astonishing isn’t it?

The idea of posting a letter………….. Adios!



The gastarbeiter,

Was welcomed by all,

Loved by all,

And appreciated by all.

His work was his gusto,

His humble nature,

A big win attitude.

He was the gastarbeiter respected by all,

And made the new land,

His new home.

The old homeland remembered him,

And he also remembered it,

Somedays there were tears in his ears,

And few days cheer,

The gastarbeiter was a big champion of hearts,

And like a person on a sojourn,

He returned home,

Four years after.

The city in his homeland had changed,

The villages had become modern,

But his old house was the very same,

Which brought the warmth, happiness and cheer in his heart again.

The hearth longed for his presence,

His Ma and Baba,

Were waiting for him,

Now he wasn’t a gastarbeiter,

But a son,

In his homeland again.



The Duckling Wanted A Cake.

The duckling wanted a cake.

It went quack, quack,

“Ma, can I have a piece of a big cake?”

The duckling’s mother-“Definitely yes.But for that we need to visit the city.”

“Ma, when can we visit the city?”

“Well, when your exams get over, then we shall go.”

When the exams got over,

The duckling had forgotten all about the cake by then,

But it’s mother remembered.”

One fine morning,

When the duckling was going quack, quack, quack in the water,

The duckling’s mother popped her head out the water,

And presented her son with a big cake.

Her son was so happy,

That it went yippee around the waters.

Later there was a big celebration,

And everyone enjoyed the cake a lot.