The Trader Who Only Eats And Sleeps-Part 2.

Well, previously I had written a post on the trader who only eats and sleeps.

In the last sentence of the post, I had written that someother time I would write the reason , that why the trader was afraid of having his wife being taken away by her father.

What made him shiver to his core? He was very scared because, he had two sons aged nine and ten years . Who were highly notorious. If left alone for thirty minutes, they would wreck hell in their society. But, as much as they loved to pooh-pooh their father, they were highly and truly scared of their mother.

Under her watch they wouldn’t dare do a mischief, as she not only controlled them but handled them with perfection.

But if left in their dad’s care, they would make him dance upside – down and soon his wallet would be empty.

So, the moment he heard the threat from his father-in-law, of taking his wife back to her maternal- paternal home, then and there he decided to improve himself and from the next day remained awake by splashing water on his face in an interval of every half an hour and indeed he tried to eat less.

Seeing his efforts, his father-in-law rescinded his threat and he was safe from his two sons.



A Cartoon In A Newspaper.

A cartoon in a newspaper,

Is blue and yellow.

While the woman scolds the man,

The man listens to her,

While eating a big fat Jell-O.

The man and woman,

Were once friends,

But the moment,

They got married,

They quarreled and quarreled,

They were never the same again.

Both of them became famous as cartoons,

Yet, they fought and fought,

They made everyone laugh,

But became eternal through their talks.



Far, From A Distance.

Far, from a distance,

The moon was shining.

The street lights were on,

And the owls were dining.

Far, from a distance,

A boy in his mother’s arm,

Was crying for a lollipop.

His mother kept on walking with the boy in her arms,

And she didn’t stop,

They soon reached home.

Far, from a distance,

A scarecrow was protecting its master’s field,

But in came a few sparrows,

And ate few corn seeds.

Far, from a distance,

The light glowed,

In the light house ,

It went round and round,

But its light didn’t stop.

Far, from a distance,

A bird flew,

Day and night,

Crossed the Atlantic Ocean,

And reached its home,

With a twist in fate.

The bird wanted to land in a greener pasture,

But landed in a sandy zone,

Oh! But never mind,

In its next flight,

It would take the right course.

Far, from a distance,

The ball soared high in the sky,

It was a six,

But the team couldn’t win.

The crowd cheered,

Everyone liked the six hit,

But the batsman felt a bit let down,

As he wanted to win the game.

Far, from a distance,

A flight took off,

It went across the sky.

Till the vision could see it,

It reached its destination,

And came back again.

It landed at,

From where it had taken off.

And took off again.



The Music Maker In A Train.

We were travelling from Lake Town to Kalyani, in a local train. After crossing Belghoria, the train became crowded and reaching Sodpur, there wasn’t an inch’s space in the compartment. Luckily, we had got empty seats on the train beforehand.

At Sodpur junction, a beggar got into our compartment. His wife was with him. He was blind and he had a harmonium with him.

The harmonium had a white strap and he had slinged it on to his neck.

Seeing such a sight, we had anticipated that he would now start playing and singing on the harmonium. Both of them were elderly.

They managed to get a space to stand near our seat and once they were comfortable, the man started playing a tune on his harmonium.

The harmonium was old but well maintained.

When he started playing, I had nearly closed my eyes and ears, as I had anticipated a harsher tune or a tune simply played to earn money.

But this man knew his music. He didn’t miss a single note.

I looked onto him and saw that as he was blind, he had worn dark glasses and was constantly looking upwards, but his hands played like magic. Like a seasoned professional, he was able to play the harmonium without looking at it.

I was more than surprised, seeing him play. At that time, I was learning harmonium too and knew that to maintain a balance between the bellow and the keys of the harmonium is a tough job.

But the man was truly in sync with his beloved instrument. Seeing him play lines after lines effortlessly, it felt as if the harmonium was his own part.

I had difficulty in playing the harmonium even while having all the keys in my vision. Whereas that beggar had honed his talent so much that, he commanded the harmonium with as much confidence with which a maestro conducts his symphony.



The White Bird.

This morning I saw a white bird fly across the sky.The sky was clear, yet somehow smoggy and full of dust . The bird single in number, but smaller in size, flew across my vision in great strides.Among all the birds, such as crows, pigeons, parakeets, this white bird caught my attention.

It flew as if it was a disciplined gymnast taking great strides in the lap of the sky.