A Big Toy.

A big toy of a boy,

Bought nearly eight years back,

Has the effects of wear and tear.

The toy is now played with by his younger brother but he still loves it dearly

And hopes to be young again to be able to play with it again.




Fear often eats up the mind like an ant eater eating ants.

It completely destroys a person’s mental peace and happiness.

We need to do our best to survive and while such things happen we get perturbed and become highly anguished.

We turn to people whom we take guidance from and they guide us to the best of our ability.

Fear needs to fear us with it taking a backfoot .



A Referee.

A referee in his lunch,

Bought cooked fish and bread.

After a whole session of early morning workouts,

He was tired to his extreme core.

While having his fish he began slumbering and dozing.

The players who were having their lunch tried their best not to laugh and

They did control their laughter and one of the players gently woke him up from his sleep.

He smiled like a child and said-“Tomorrow’s a day off for you folks.”

Everyone cheered and they were extremely happy that they had got a day off and so was their coach.