A Mad Father-In- Law.

A mad father in law asks only for money from his son- in- law.

The son in law pays him nearly one fourth his monthly salary as pocket money.

But later on steals it back and spills the bean on him,

Thus leading to his father In law being mad.

For such divine things God has made this creation but for those who genuinely and truly and are in need of help, God has created only cow dung,

Which the world is doing a good job of maintaining.



How To Overcome A Disappointing Notion.

banknotes on white surface

A disappointing notion,

Often given by elders gives a sense of insecurity,

False hurts and nothing but partiality.

They appraise them,

Those who fulfil their quota of life,

Of money and happiness.

They forget that the same notion given to them by their elders lead them to the path of disaster, hardship, extreme workload with nothing but a life which can hardly be sustained.

Such Is fate that once heroes are now zeroes while having power, money and most importantly the power to differentiate on the basis of liking and dislikes for their children are too special to them while those who suffer remain as nothing but touch them not.

So such disappointing notions can’t be overridden but love and true love overrides all bad things.



In A Magical Thought.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In a truly magical thought,

A boy went to his mother and asked for a burger.

His Ma was busy with her work and asked him to wait.

After an hour or so,

His Ma made him his burger which was so delicious to eat that he nearly burst out in happiness.

His Ma promised to make it again for him