Two Mad Friends.(Part-3)

Two Mad Friends.

First one-“Ma, see what I have bought for you.”

His mother-“What is it dear.”

First one-“A glass of fresh mango juice.”

His mother-“For me?”

First one-“Yes, Ma”.

His mother inserted a straw inside the glass and drank from it. She had suspected something was bound to be wrong as her son was mad. As soon as she drank it, she spat it out.

First one’s mother-“What is this?”

First one-“Fresh and sublime mango juice. Simply for you Ma. Made out of the best pumpkin available in the store.”

His mother-“If it is made out of pumpkin, then how come it is “A glass of mango juice?”

First one-“Oh! That’s nothing Ma. Mango equals to pumpkin. That’s how.”

His mother-“What am I going to do with you?”

First one-“Nothing Ma. You can take me to Venus, so that I can have a burger over there.”

His mother went inside and shut the door. First one thought he should get ready to go to Venus.

He went to call Second one.



Two Mad Friends. (Part -2)

One fine morning, First one and second one were having tea at first one’s home when,

First one-“How does the tea taste? Like banana? Pineapple or Lemon?”

Second one-“Like pomegranate.”

First one-“No, It tastes like pumpkin juice.”

First one “Ohhh! Pumpkin juice. That’s nice. Let’s have it.”

They both went to a juice seller and asked him for two glasses of it.

The seller looked at them quizzically and prepared two such glasses for them.

The juice seller- “Sixty dollars for the juice.”

The First one- “That’s cool. Here take this hundred dollars note and give me back my eighty dollars out of it and you can keep the change.”

The juice seller- “Are you nuts?”

Saying so, he handed first one back forty dollars.

The Second one-“Did he keep the change?”

The First one- “No, he paid me back one hundred and eighty pounds.”

The Second one – “He exchanged the currency. Cool.”

Saying so they went back to their respective homes.

What happened to the pumpkin juice?

That is yet to be decided.



Two Mad Friends.(Part-1).

Two Mad Friends.

Two mad friends met on a road. They decided to try bananas for breakfast. They chomped down on the bananas without peeling the banana.

First one commented-“They are very sour.”

Second one-“Well they aren’t sour, but they are spicy.”

 Shall we have some pears?

They had the pears.

First one-“They are good. Save the whitish part. It tasted like the sun.”

Second one-“No, no, not the sun. It tasted like the moon.”

First one-“No, my friend. Moon tastes bitter.”



The Physicist.

The physicist,

Was a man of big theories.

He said a lot,

He wrote a lot.

Yet he couldn’t prove a single dot.

The physicist,                                                                                                                             

Then taught physics and mathematics.

Still he couldn’t explain,

All that which went through his brain.

But at the end of his life,

He was known as an uncle,

As a friend,

As a good doer.

Everyone respected him.

And he remained the same,

Loved by all,

And cared by all.