A Flower Says…..

A flower says……

l like to fly,

I am new,

I am fresh with the morning dew.

I am singing a song in the morning,

For I love myself.

I am not a rose,

Not a bud,

Neither a fly,

Nor someone who can’t give a try.

I am a flower,

A mighty creation of Lord himself,

Who made with many care.



Can You Be The Happiest One?

Can you be the happiest one? It is easy to say that be happy and do try your best.

But happiness in this crazy and exhausting world is quite tough to achieve.

Happiness is such an expensive thing that any dollar or pound would fall and bow their heads before it.

Happiness is such a thought which elevates a bad thought, a doomed mind or a lull being.

To try, to achieve the effort,the effect of being the happiest one is truly a commendable one but a parent with a small child in his or her arms is the happiest one accordong to me.



The Big Village.

The big village has a new shopping mall,

Which has in all fifteen stores and two movie complexes.

But that ain’t the attraction.

The attraction is a comic shop where everyday new magic shows or digital books are displayed.

The shop itself generates such revenue that nearly what the whole mall can’t.

Well that’s a lucky shop,

Ain’t it?