Mind Series – Part 4.

Mind is that ecological being which can love. But mind’s love is as blusterous as a pop of air. It is highly momentary and can never stay for longer.

Mind likes to dive into it and make a whole lot of hullaboo about it, but know that that any love which has it’s generating machine located inside the mind will be as big a failure as anything.

Women especially when young, think that marriage or love will bring that ecstatic moment in their life, which lead to extreme happiness, bliss and whatnot. But when the reality hits the ground, it becomes a heavy task for both the man and woman to maintain it. Love isn’t a one day match or a test match. It takes a lot of time to ferment, it needs to stand the test of time, to stand the test of money, to stand the test of family, to stand the test of growing up their own kids.

It’s a much painful and lengthy process than applying for a visa, which goes round and round around the desks. It isn’t like drinking a bottle of fresh cold drinks and getting rid of the gas in your system.

If you pass all these tests, then you can say “Yes, we have loved each other.” All the fancies and fantasies happen only in movies and in one’s mind.
Mind often reflects a person’s attire, but know that more it is fashionable, the more dung is filled in one’s mind.

Love is like a garden of rose. Tend it with care and see it grow.

Love is after all love. Nurture it. Take care of it. But hankering after it often brings downfall.

Love emanates from heart. That too is fickle. So fickle that every three months, like a used notebook, people change their mates.

They are fools. For at last, they will have no one. Except their mind.

Now you do the math.

Mind Oh! Mind. What did you find? Love is God’s grace. So, be very fine.


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