Learning history

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Taj Mahal In Agra

Learning history is a very fine and big job. Fine because, history contains so many small and vital informations, that sometimes learning ancient history is like losing yourself in a maze.

It’s a big job too, because the job of learning it is tedious, bit monotonous, boring and sometimes exciting, but it is thousand times better than civics and society laws, which are based on the numerous brain frequencies of mankind and human resources.

The art of learning is ancient and the art of learning history is much more ancient.

History learning is full of conflicts as most historians defer on one thing or the other.

Many historians cannot differentiate A from B, yet they write confidently about history which is unknown even to the history makers.

History books are a favourite mode of learning history for children and adults, yet there is nothing as beautiful, authentic and same as learning history by visiting a historical place or monument.

The aura, the awe and the beauty of living and learning history from such places is very much different than learning from books. Instead, it feels like as if all the facts written about that place are true. Our soul within resonates with that place and it all becomes “uno momento” of a lifetime in those few moments. It is a superb experience. That leads to a few moments of exquisite happiness.

Two ancient monuments and places of history which teach us, make us learn history are:-

1.Taj Mahal in Agra, India- If you have never visited this ancient, beautiful and magnificent monument, then you would never know what history means. The monument itself represents history. History of true love, beauty, craftsmanship and time itself.

2.Hagia Sophia in Istanbul in Turkey- It’s another ancient piece of history, which has been destroyed twice and built three times for the better of mankind and it stands today as an excellent symbol and monument of history and people’s love and faith.

Hope you all had fun learning history with me.



Without That!

“Without that” is an important expression. “Without that”, just stop there and think that what you could have done “without that”.

“Without that” pinch of salt in food, your food would be as tasteless as air.

“Without that” school in the locality, all students would have been going to school located a few localities away.

“Without that” game of ludo, the whole afternoon would have been boring.

“Without that” subject of mathematics all pupils in the world would have fared extremely well in examinations.

“Without that” morning bus, many people couldn’t have gone to their work and scores of students most definitely would have bunked school.

A beautiful plumcake, “without that” Christmas is incomplete.

A cosy blanket is very much needed for your bed, “without that” your sleep would be unpleasant.

A baby’s mother is never satisfied, if the baby doesn’t cry. “Without that” cry a baby is incomplete.

If a bouquet is filled with Lilies, Hyacinths, Jasmines and bulbs, but if it doesn’t have Rose in it, then it is incomplete “without that”.

A Bengali menu is incomplete if fish is not present in it. “Without that” delicious plate of fish, a Bengali is very unhappy.

“Without that” scolding from Ma or Baba, how could we all have grown up to be whatever we are?

So, inexplicably, “without that” is not “without that”. It is “what is” with it.

Hope you have experienced “without that”.



A Rockstar in Heaven.

Many of my friends are there in heaven. Whether you believe it or not its completely upto you. They are workers of multiple dimensions and few of them were famous too.

My maternal grandfather who was a friend, a guide, a dove, a light being and a human in humanity had passed away on the night of 20th January 1995. I will never ever forget that night for the rest of my life.  The whole atmosphere was sad and it felt as if we were hanging in a space which had no hooks to hold on to and no base to stand on.

Few years later one night I could distinctly hear someone playing guitar in metallic style in my dream and when I tried to find out more about it, what do I see? It’s my maternal grandfather who was playing the song and when Ma bought me a Ps2 Guitar band set, I started singing the song “Gasoline” and I could distinctly see that my maternal grandfather was jamming with that song.

A rockstar isn’t a person who wears a headband, a few pieces of fashion jewellery, pierces his tongue and does odd things. Rockstar is a person who has that aura to become a High one. It takes something which is very very very seldom given by God to anyone. The main criteria to achieve that gift from God is to have self, heart and courage. A trio of these is virtually absent from beings on these planets. They only try to be. But you have to be to try.

SO, dearest grandpa, the stage is all yours,

Your loving daughter, son –in-law and grandson.

N.B.- The moment my grandmother joined him up there, his quality of jamming and music is billion times better.




Friends are made of life and for life. In true friendship, there is no give or take. As the old saying goes,”a friend in need is a friend indeed.” A school friend shall be your friend forever, if the bonding and understanding between you and your friend is excellent.

College friendship is like two minute fame. It goes as soon it comes. It is a tag which is attributed to all known college acquaintances.

But in times where dollar fluctuates everyday, where prices of crude oil keeps on slipping every now and then, wherefrom will a friendship stand in the test of time?

After graduating from college, most friendships become a Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp friendship, without the involvement or emotion of being friends. Once those who were besties, are now simply portals of daily life useless news.

To have a good friend is good, but to have a true, rare and great friend is a gift from God Almighty.

So, friendship in its meaning, worth and truth is virtually non-existent nowadays, but somewhere one in a million you would find a true friend who simply might be waiting for you or you might be waiting for him or her to be best and true of friends forever and ever.

Friendship is such a boon from God, that it like a beautiful flower which doesn’t come with any clause.

Such is and should be friendship.



Red Ribbon and Kashmiri Pulao.

My maternal grandmother used to have a red ribbon when she was a little girl of eight. Her darling father had bought her a set of four red ribbons.

One afternoon, when her mother had dozed off, she tied her hair with a red ribbon and went off as the red riding hood with her pets which included three dogs, three goats and eight chickens following her.

When my maternal great grandmother got up from her sleep, she was extremely terrified finding her daughter missing and the pets too were gone. She called out to her daughter at every nook and corner of her house, but there wasn’t a single answer from anywhere.

Soon, she and her other children went out in her search and what did they find out?

That my dearest and maternal grandmother had gone to her father’s work place, which was a huge estate (he was the chief manager there) and there she and her father were playing Red riding hood. Her father was playing the role of a village chieftain and she was the heroine aka the red riding hood.

As soon as he saw his wife and his other children standing in front of him, he exploded out laughing.

He said-“See my daughter is the red riding hood and all of you are no good”.

As a result of this, both of them – my grandmother and her father were served only bread and milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two consecutive days and on the third day morning when my grandmother woke up, she found that very beautiful aroma of delicious food had filled the entire house. She rushed into the kitchen and hugged her mother from behind and asked her-“Ma, what are you preparing?”

Her mother-“All of your favourite dishes, including boneless mutton curry, Kashmiri pulao and khejurer (dates) chutney.”

My maternal grandmother and her mother, both of them held on to each other for a minute or so.

Then a rare happening in the universe took place.My grandmother apologised to her mother-“Sorry, Ma,I won’t do it again.”

Seldom had it happened that such beautiful cooks (both of them were excellent and superb cooks) would stay calm without squabbling or bickering with each other.

That day after my maternal grandmother had finished her bath, my maternal great grandmother tied a red ribbon on her head and gave her a big kiss and after that she fed her daughter that beautiful lunch which she had prepared so lovingly for her daughter.

Those times have got over a long ago, but they still remain fresh and beautiful in memory and in life.