In Stress.

In stress,

Listen to good songs,

Dance to hip-hop beats,

Forget your worry,

And have good food,

Read a nice book,

And then go to sleep.

In stress,

Call out to Lord Jesus,

And do ask for his help

In a jiffy his help would come and you wouldn’t know it.

It sometimes seems it isn’t,

But it is.

In stress,

Kick out stress,

Try to forget you worries, tension,

And relax yourself,

Till the time your stress gets over.

A new morning always brings fresh perspectives.

Chuck out stress and be happy.




Lust Oh! Lust,

Why so much fuss?

You are good for nothing,

Remember you are worse than dust.

You come,

You play,

You forget all about,

But it is your end to be chucked in the dustbin,

As the world spins,

You will not survive,

The blow of the mighty,

 From the father of All,

Who is my Lord,

The truest and the mightiest,

He will win,

And when he does,

There will be an end to you,

Oh! My dear lust.



Did You Paint?

This morning did you paint?

The painting a tinge of red and yellow.

Did you paint?

The big dome blue and white?

Did you paint the murals?

With love and warmth,

As you have painted a small baby,

Lulling in his mother’s arms.

Did you paint?

The sky blue,

And the night white?

For that’s the reason,

It’s black,

For anything that is white is black,

Are you God?

For you have touched my heart with your love,

And the painting in it is truly beautiful without any lust or dust,

Only the dust of your love and magnitudes of it,

Are the beauty which plays the tune of the beauty in my heart.



A Beautiful And Fluffy Apple Pie.

A beautiful and fluffy apple-pie,

Awaited me at the breakfast.

If I had seen my face at that time.

It was left hanging open.

I was simply stunned.

“Ma! Apple pie for breakfast! Hip-hip-hooray”.

Ma smiled.

I went and hugged Ma.

Spoon by spoon I ate the pie,

Like a small bird,

Who upon getting paradise,

Jumps and dances in happiness,

I too was in the same happy state.

The sweet taste of the pie is still lingering in my mouth,

Ma has promised that the two pies which are still left,

Are solely mine.

In this world created by Lord,

There is nothing sweeter, better and happy than a morning,

In which your breakfast consists of an apple pie,

And Oh! The crunchy crust,

The cream in between.

It is like a treasure.

Wonder of the wonders,

Dear Lord,

Your love is infinite and truly beautiful.