Running For a Kite.

A kite was bobbling up and down in the air when a small boy aged about seven years noticed it and started pursuing it. The kite was free. Its string had been freed and was flowing where ever the wind took it. It flew and flew and when the boy became tired he stopped chasing it.

He felt sad that could not catch the kite. Slowly he walked back to his home and as he was entering his house, his mother asked him-“wherefrom is that kite attached to your shoe?” He replied-“which kite are you talking about ma?” His mother-“the one which is dangling with your shoe.”

He turned back to see that indeed the string of the kite which he was chasing had somehow got attached to his right shoe and the kite was fluttering in the wind at the back.

The boy kept on looking at the string and the kite in great astonishment as he didn’t know how could the string have got attached to his shoes.It was a big mystery for him and when he was chasing it, the kite had flown very far away. He pondered over throughout the day, asking his mother-“ma how could the kite’s string got attached or stuck with my shoes? It had flown away when I had last chased it.”

His mother replied-“Maybe the wind gifted it to you.”

The boy-“Yes, ma even I feel so, that the wind is my friend.”

Feeling very happy he rushed and hugged his mother and at night he slept with the kite under his pillow.



Pistachio Cookies with Sweet Cream.

Have you ever eaten a cookie made out of pistachios? Well we have. Few days back, we had gone to a cookie store and from there we had bought three boxes of pistachio cookies and with each box they had given us a small container of sweet cream. After buying those cookies we went straight to a garden and under a large and shaded tree we sat down to have those cookies with sweet cream.

Each box contained eight cookies and the sweet cream was simply not enough for each one of them, but we managed. Ma had brought hot tea in a thermos flask from home, so we all enjoyed tea with pistachio cookies. The pistachio cookies taste like pistachio mixed cookie crumbles and they taste a bit sweet. Those cookies are quite healthy and very hearty to have. While we were having our little picnic, three sparrows came and started chirping. We gave them small bits and chunk of our cookies and the sparrows fluttering their wings and making sweet and nice sounds gobbled up the cookies. The hot tea was very much needed and refreshed our souls.

It was a happy day and happiness is what keeps life running. Throughout the day, the sun shined brightly for us.



Water Lily.

Water Lilies are superb and splendid flowers which grow in water.

Lilies, which grow in gardens are beautiful flowers which are normally white in colour and they are very famous all over the world. So much hype and attention is attached with the flower “Lily” that anyone hardly ever knows that any such flower as “water lily” exists.

But water lilies are altogether different kind of flower. They live and breathe in water. Water lilies are found in ponds. When many of such flowers bloom in water, they look extremely beautiful. It feels as if dew drops have expanded and filled the pond with pure, serene and beautiful water and the flowers feel as if God Almighty has handcrafted them with care and love.

These flowers are rare and can be hardly seen. But when looked at carefully, you can find one or two water lilies growing in a pond.

Spot a water lily if possible, be it white or pink and try to appreciate its purity.

close up photography of water lily

These flowers are for my maternal grandparents, mom and dad



A Rose for the Garden of My Maternal Grandfather in Heaven.

My maternal grandfather is a big King. He resides high up in heaven and there, he has a wonderful garden. His garden is loved by all good souls, who reside there. On earth, he was a superb and brilliant gardener.There wasn’t a single flower, plant or garden that would not have flourished under his hands. Even after suffering physically due to an illness, he continued gardening and that kept him going.

It’s a very rare privilege to get a visit invitation to his garden. Till date we (my mother, me and my father haven’t got a one), but my heart says very   soon we would get one.

There each and every type of beautiful flower is available and at that garden all the “Big Bosses” of heaven go to get themselves inspired and to have a nice time; otherwise continuously helping all the souls on earth, is an energy sucking and tedious activity.

You wouldn’t miss a single flower at my maternal grandfather’s garden and at various places in his garden, he has placed garden gnomes. While there are few original gnomes over there,but they often get mixed up with the garden gnome statues as it is hard to tell the difference between a real one and a statue and garden gnomes are very clever, sweet and happy beings. If you ever see them walking, dancing or singing, they become so still that you couldn’t believe your eyes, whether it is an original or false one.



Well, he loves roses. We would meet him after so many years, that it was hard for us to select a particular rose. But finally, we may have zeroed upon one, which shall make him very happy.I wouldn’t reveal the colour, it is a secret.

Waiting for the moment………………………. when we visit his garden.



Banana Syrup on Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Waffles are mouth-watering, soul satisfying food items. So, on a recent sojourn to a nearby pastry and waffle store, we were wondering what to buy? It was early in the morning, the shop had opened half an hour back and they had nothing ready to eat. We took a look at the menu and found out that there were many sorts of waffles, some with chocolate, some with this and others with various sorts of mixtures.

We ordered for the waffle with vanilla ice cream on it and with it we selected the banana syrup to go with it.

The counter man told us to wait fifteen minutes. At a nearby table we sat down and waited patiently for the order to come. After twenty minutes or so, the order came and two plates of gigantic waffles were placed right infront of us. We were bewildered. Upon asking the waiter about the huge sized waffle, he replied-“waffle with vanilla ice cream comes double layered with slight flavour of butterscotch cream in between the layers of the waffles.”

For five minutes we were simply staring at it, thinking how to eat such a big waffle and on the top of it, the ice cream was also placed as in four big scoops with a red cherry on top it.

berries blur cake cherries

Slowly, slowly, we dug into the waffle and started eating it. It was simply delicious to have and before we knew, the waffle got over. It was registered straight into the streets of our stomach and we had a marvellous time having it. The banana syrup had blended perfectly with the ice cream and the waffle and the syrup gave the waffle a unique and majestic taste.

Thanking God for such a delicious waffle time, we came back home and had a nice sleep. We had slept through lunch and when we woke up, it was half past four.

The taste of the waffle with vanilla ice cream, red cherry and banana syrup remained in my mouth throughout the day. I even dreamt of it. That with the fairies and pixies were having the same double sized waffle with vanilla ice cream, red cherries on top of it and layered with banana syrup.