A Dadu Whom I Will Never Forget.

Two days ago I was travelling by my car on a road which was near my old house. There I saw an old man, nearly the age of my late grandfather and he was walking down the street very carefully, clutching a cloth bag.In that cloth bag there was a Hilsa fish, a small cabbage, half kilo of tomatoes, six bananas and two big corn sticks. I was watching him very keenly.He was looking back towards something every few minutes and then would again regain his slow pace.The splashing water from the small mud pools on the road were disturbing him a lot, but he still kept his cool and went on.The rain was falling very heavily and that man couldn’t manage to keep his umbrella over his head. My driver was driving the car and at such a mega traffic jam, turtles do better than cars. I asked my driver to stop the car right infront of the old man. The driver did so and I asked him-“Uncle, where do you need to go?”

He replied-“To my house, which is at so and so locality.”

The place which he was mentioning was double the distance to the place where I was going.I told him that.

He-“Even if you drop me at the next cross road, it would be very kind of you.I would be able manage the rest of the way.”

“Uncle, please get inside the car”-I told him.

“Thank you, son.It was really raining very heavily.”-Him.

“Please, don’t say thank you, uncle.You remind me of my grandfather, whom I love a lot.”

“Driver, please take the car to uncle’s home.”- I told the driver.

“Baarish ka koi problem nahi tha beta.Woh toh roz hi girta hai.Par ek billi mujhe tang kar rahi thi aur mera picha kar rahi thi.Usko machhli ki khusbu mil gayi hogi aur woh mujhe mew mew kar rahi thi.Par jaise tumne gadi ko mera samne rukaya woh bhaag gayi”.

These above lines are in Hindi. These lines translate as- “Rain, is not much of a problem. It falls everyday. But a cat was troubling me and following me.She must have got the smell of the fish and started following me and mewing at me.But as soon as you stopped your car infront of me, she ran away.”

“Thank you, son, may God bless you.I would be able to reach home faster and hand over the fish and the vegetables to my wife, so that she can cook it.”

“Uncle a meal at four in the evening”?

“Yes, a few guests have come from my home town and they hadn’t informed me that they were coming.As there was nothing in the house to cook a meal for them, I came down to this bazaar, to buy the cooking ingredients.”

He showed me the contents of his cloth bag and that Hilsa fish was a truly beautiful looking fish.”

“Why this bazaar uncle? Your locality has a lot of bazaars.”

“But none of them have Hilsa fish in them.”

“Uncle do you like Hilsa fish a lot?”

“Yes, more than my own self. Without Hilsa, not a single big occasion is completed successfully in our household.”

“Are you a Bengali uncle?”

“Yes, I am a very proud Bengali!”

“Uncle, I am a Bengali too”.

Then we had a hearty conversation in Bengali.

Suddenly he tells me-“Do you know my daughter has come home after three years. That’s why I have bought a two kilo Hilsa fish and our platter is never complete without Hilsa fish.”

As he was saying this, we nearly reached his locality, where he lives.

Him-“By the way where were you going?”

I-“I was going to my work”.

Him-“Oh. Can you come to my house at nearly six thirty in the evening?”

I-“Sorry sir, but today my schedule is full.”

Him-“My wife would be cooking this fabulous Hilsa fish and I wanted you to join us at our meal.”

I was very happy to hear him say that.

I replied-“Uncle, thank you for inviting me.I would come by again at a later date and I will tell ma about your invitation and she would be very happy too, hearing it.”

We had reached his home now. As he got down from the car, he shook my hand and he blessed me saying-“May God always keep you and your parents happy.”

As I was writing this post, I remembered that after my own grandfather retired, one day he and ma had gone to the market. While coming back from the market, a storm had started blowing and suddenly my grandfather’s toe got twisted. He was in a lot of pain. Somehow, Ma managed to bring him home. After two hours he left for a place, where he used to freelance printing work.When he came back home in the evening, his leg was as  swollen as a child’s football. Ma and my grandmother rushed to him. He couldn’t walk anymore.Ma told him that a doctor was needed to be called immediately and a doctor was called.Later on somebody made him a wood base rubber strap for his injured toe and by using it his toe became quite alright.Till the date till which his legs were not feeble, he used to go to the market only for buying fish and vegetables were of  not that much importance.






On 15th July, as the football world cup concluded, many hopes, cheers, challenges either grew up or they got diminished. The final between Croatia and France was a true surprise for each and everybody, but nonetheless it was a final worth it’s every penny.

The more famous and big teams such as Brazil, England, Argentina, Portugal, Russia and Germany couldn’t break any ice in the competition except England, which reached the semi-finals and finished fourth in the over all tournament. Now the third place was held by a well deserving Belgium team and the Croatia team came second.It is not a matter of joke.The teams which are not expected to do much in any football tournament, did a hell lot more than the more efficient and famous ones. Starting from Japan to Belgium to South Korea to the true heroes of this world Cup Croatia, did a fabulous and exceptional job of breaking the age old perceptions and by marking their territory in this world cup.They showed us that with determination, ambition, courage, hard work and aspiration to achieve and overcome any difficulties anything is possible. These are not mere words, but truly they can happen. Otherwise these teams wouldn’t have reached the place that they have reached in this world cup.With God’s grace anything is possible and when you try to do something with all your dedication and sincerity, his light shines upon and miracles do happen. Which requires nothing else but all your true hard work from the core of your heart. These miracles are like a happening of a baby being born.After those tense moments, when you hear your little one’s cry is such miraculous feeling that at the moment your are truly God’s and God is yours.There is no else except you, your little one and His Highness The Almighty. So there is a lot of learning still left and these less popular teams have shown us all of that, especially Croatia. With the self belief that “yes, I can do it ” one can surge ahead and win milestones after milestones.

Kiwi the Nutritious Fruit.

The round green fruit which is known as kiwi is a highly nutritious fruit which is full of vitamins.

It is brown,green in colour and is a bit horny on it’s skin and tastes sweet and a bit tangy.

A few years back ma had decided that I should have the kiwi fruit regularly. So went to the local shops to buy kiwi, they were very hard to get.It was not at all available.Then a new and a big supermarket came to our relief and there we found dozens and dozens of kiwi imported from New Zealand, the States and other countries. We bought four-five kiwis and had them at home.

When I first tasted the kiwi fruit, it removed all my inhibitions about it’s taste and  and quality.Kiwis are a first class fruit. Those days kiwis used to cost a lot, nearly, Rs.100 a kilo, but now a days they are found at every local vegetable and fruit store and but they still cost a lot with their prices reaching nearly Rs.175 – 200 per kg.

It is an extremely nutritious and good fruit to have. It is very good for one’s health.

Happy Eating.

Still Can’t Believe That Croatia Lost The Final.

This rainy, windy and thundering morning of 16th July 2018, when I got up from my sleep, the feeling that the football world cup 2018 in Russia was over the night before didn’t quite sit right with me. As I was rubbing my eyes after getting up from my sombre sleep, I realized again that Croatia had lost, being so near to the win of a lifetime. It was hard for us to digest this fact.We were feeling lost and utterly disappointed.

It was really hard for us to believe that such a beautiful team, coming so close to winning a hard worked and well deserved trophy, but losing it in the last match was very sad for us.

This brave Croatian team would be etched and deeply rooted in the hearts of true football lovers forever and forever.

They are heroes of this world cup and will remain so and again congratulations to Luka Modric, the Croatian captain for winning the best player award of this football world cup.

May they go miles and miles after this and win all possible tournaments and series and bring more glory to their proud nation.

In our imaginations, the Croatian team has already lifted the golden trophy of this football world cup which was held in Russia.

Extremely saddened by Croatia’s 4-2 loss To France in the Football World Cup Final 2018 in Russia.

Congratulations to France for having won the 2018 Football World Cup Final in Russia. Croatia is a small nation in the European Union with a population of 4.3 million. No one thought that they would be able to enter the knock out stage of the world cup, but they surpassed every expectations and entered the knock out stage and eventually won the quarter finals and the semi finals with natural grace, sportsmanship and team work.

We were rooting for the Croatian team from the moment they reached the top 16. Watching their every game felt like witnessing something extraordinary and intelligent. With their each goal we celebrated and with their every win we danced.

The first goal by Ivan Perisic in their semi final match versus England was beyond excellence.

Yesterday, we were rooting for them to win the finals. We even got up early from our sleep to watch the final. But it was sheer bad and dusty luck that they couldn’t equal with France, which would have lead to extra time and the penalties and we all know that Croatians are the kings of penalties. After their loss to France, we had lost our appetite and the night felt extremely dull.For few minutes we couldn’t believe that they had lost.When the Croatian team sat down for a team picture, it felt as if they had won the world cup and at any moment they might lift the golden world cup.As Croatian fans we were more disappointed that this talented and mighty team couldn’t win this match.It should have been a walk in the park for them.Losing the final was a completely different issue from losing the match.

Whether be it Modric or Perisic or Vida or any other player in the Croatian team, they all play with superb team spirit, teamwork and extreme hard work.

This date of 15th July, will be etched down the lanes of History, as the day when a deserving and a extremely capable and a highly talented team lost to their opponents.

As the final was full of surprises, so was this football world cup.I wish that the Croatian football team reach their peak of footballing heights very soon.

Watching them lose, we i.e. ma,baba and me, were as sad and unhappy as the rest of the people rooting for the Croatian team.Tears were nearly knocking at our eyelids.

Last but not the least,salute to the Croatian Football team. Their play, their game and their way of scoring goals was something which we had not seen for a very long time.

We are perpetual fans for life of this current Croatian Football team.As this edition of the football world cup has come to an end, I do hope that Croatia’s dream run continues and this magnificent team of theirs continues to win hearts and accolades one after the other and be legends for life to remember.

The extreme happiness for Croatia in this final was that Luka Modric, their captain won the Best Player of Football World Cup 2018.