What Is Daucus carota?

Do you know what Daucus carota is?

The answer is Daucus carota is the scientific name of carrot.


A Thin Pan Cake., FOOD

A Thin Pan Cake.

A thin pan cake,

Might not sound nice.

But when weaved with the delicacy of caramel sauce,

And topped up with whipped cream.

It’s crunchiness lands the blemished and tired mind,

Straight into oolala-oolala lands of heaven,

And when the whipped cream gets blended in your mouth,

You feel as if the soft clouds have taken you into their arms,

And are lulling you into sleep.

A thin pan cake,

Is a wonder.

That God who loves us all,

Is present in such small things,

That anytime, anywhere you may find him.

And who knows?

Maybe he can/will/shall give a pan cake as his blessings.



My Reply To My Friend The Elephant.

“My dearest elephant friend,

I was very happy to receive your letter.

I shall definitely visit the zoo again soon with Ma And Baba.

Last summer we all had an enjoyable time playing with you, at the zoo.

This time we shall definitely play with a bigger ball.

And I shall ask the zoo keeper to provide you with big bananas.

Be happy, play well,


There is a surprise waiting for you.

From your friend”.



A House Of Breadsticks.

A very big God,

A saint of famous lore,

Has made us a home of breadsticks.

Sweet breadsticks have been used.

The breadsticks have funny faces on them.

A breadstick has a bright sun drawn on it.

Another one has a house inked on it.

Lord himself made the house of breadsticks,

And has kept it in his house.

For there we live with him for ever and ever.