Extremely Weary Are The Thoughts.

Thoughts are in themselves very deemanding. The thoughts need no food but only recurring tensions to grow.

They only need helplessness and undue wisdow to grow.

Only the superior ones understand it.

That’s how they roll.



Difficult To Obtain.

It is very defficult to obtain something which many get without asking for and that is love.

People distinguish on the basis of who is theirs and who isn’t but sometimes extremely near ones act in such biased manner that love itself feels shy abd scared to be present there.

Love, food and money are quiet difficult to obtain but love and food is often ggivento others who are the bestest favourites.It requires experience and being witness to full fledged biasedness to know such beautiful things.



Low Mentality Folks., Uncategorized

Low Mentality Folks.

person holding a gavel

Low mentality folks,

Always do harm to others,

They beg and ask for help for themselves and try to gel in their life in the best possible manner.

In short they are nothing less than criminals and thugs and conspirators.

It’s better to be nobody than being somebody as dirty as those rotten scoundrels.

Always beaware of such professional dumbheads.