Is time,

Which makes everything in itself to be thought over for history is often wrongly said and written.



In Darkness.

In darkness,

Time comes to a standstill,

In love,

It brings pain.

It seeks refuge,

It pleads for a room,

It ain’t so beautiful,

As to deserve anything even further than the decreasing moon.

In darkness,

I think,

May we be blessed to overcome it

And to be with highness who presides over us with his mighty thoughts and powers which are quite mightier than they are thought to be known .



Orange Juice.

Orange juice,

Full of vitamin C,

Can be sweetened up,

By adding a bit of sugar.

But most of the times it tastes “Bah!”,

There are many people who are choosy

And they like to have only pure and refined orange juice.

It is as if they are having refined cooking oil.

On the other hand,

Orange juice tastes great,

Those who miss out on it,

Are the sufferers.

Tbough above I have written that it tastes ” Bah”,

Orange juice is a healthy and refreshing drink,

And it only needs the capacity to be taken in.