Orange Juice.

Orange juice,

Full of vitamin C,

Can be sweetened up,

By adding a bit of sugar.

But most of the times it tastes “Bah!”,

There are many people who are choosy

And they like to have only pure and refined orange juice.

It is as if they are having refined cooking oil.

On the other hand,

Orange juice tastes great,

Those who miss out on it,

Are the sufferers.

Tbough above I have written that it tastes ” Bah”,

Orange juice is a healthy and refreshing drink,

And it only needs the capacity to be taken in.



Green Apples And Some Yummy Chocolates.

Green apples and some yummy chocolates,

While waiting for the breakfast to come,

Filled the little bellies.

The children were happy,

And shouted hooray, hooray,

Let’s play.

And they went away to play.

When their mother came with the breakfast,

She found that her children were playing outside,

And she had to coax them to come inside,

With stories about big bears and lions,

And as the children listened with their mouths wide open,

She fed them.

Later on their father received a nice scolding from her for giving them chocolates, when she was preparing the breakfast.

Her husband simply chuckled and said-“They are my children too.”

She sighed and went away.



The Road Down My Window.

The road down my window,

Is a major junction.

It connects three roads,

One of which joins adjacently,

With one of the main roads of the city.

The road down my window,

Is continuously bustling with traffic,

Incessant honking,

Siren sounds,

And whatnot.

To boost up their business,

A tea stall,

A flower shop and a garage has opened up,

At the corner where the three roads meet.

All that I can say is that,

That the road is always busy.

Before the pandemic,

There used to be heavier traffic.



Pitcher Full Of Water.

A pitcher full of water,

Started singing aloud to the water bottle,

“La, la,hm, hm, I am a pitcher,

Mighty and glorious,

I provide cool water to all,

If I drink it first,

I am there in every household,

Ha, ha, he, he,

Oh water bottle!

You are a tributary of my worthiness,

I am the great water containing pitcher,

Which gives lifeline to all,

Ha, ha, he, he, ho, ho,

Sing, sing, sing,

Feel the coolness with my bling.”

The water bottle heard the song patiently,

And lulled itself to sleep.

The pitcher kept on rocking and singing,

Till it got tired,

And went back to sleep.



A Merry Doll.

A merry doll,

Who had a funny face,

And lopsided hair.

When its back button was pressed,

It would say-“Good morning, how are you?”

It was a marvel for many kids,

And many came to play with it,

Yet the merry doll wasn’t damaged even a bit,

And at each of its birthday the merry doll was gifted a new dress and tiny false hair.

I guess that it made the doll very happy.

Few toys become an integral part of our life.