In Stress.

In stress,

Listen to good songs,

Dance to hip-hop beats,

Forget your worry,

And have good food,

Read a nice book,

And then go to sleep.

In stress,

Call out to Lord Jesus,

And do ask for his help

In a jiffy his help would come and you wouldn’t know it.

It sometimes seems it isn’t,

But it is.

In stress,

Kick out stress,

Try to forget you worries, tension,

And relax yourself,

Till the time your stress gets over.

A new morning always brings fresh perspectives.

Chuck out stress and be happy.



Did You Paint?

This morning did you paint?

The painting a tinge of red and yellow.

Did you paint?

The big dome blue and white?

Did you paint the murals?

With love and warmth,

As you have painted a small baby,

Lulling in his mother’s arms.

Did you paint?

The sky blue,

And the night white?

For that’s the reason,

It’s black,

For anything that is white is black,

Are you God?

For you have touched my heart with your love,

And the painting in it is truly beautiful without any lust or dust,

Only the dust of your love and magnitudes of it,

Are the beauty which plays the tune of the beauty in my heart.



Cereals For Breakfast.

A breakfast must be fulfilling,

As good as the morning sunlight,

So that the time from morning till afternoon passes in such a good way that,

You can work with full steam to ensure that your work gets successfully.

Thus, add cereals in a bowl,

Pour milk nicely over it,

And drizzle honey on top of it.

And those who don’t mind some cream,

Can add some fresh cream or sweetened cream for that matter.

Voila! World’s most nutritious breakfast is ready.


An Eatery In A Sideway Alley.

An Eatery In A Sideway Alley.

An eatery in a sideway alley sells “aloo ka paratha”(Paratha stuffed with potato), bhel puri, sev puri and samosa.(These are all savoury Indian delicacies).

Now, the alley way was narrow and it was evening time. The sun was yawning as sun himself felt a need for some evening nap; afterall sun can’t take an afternoon nap.

We didn’t have our lunch, so in search of a place which sells food in the afternoon to evening time we started walking. Apparently most of the restaurants feel the need to close during this time.

Even the anda bhurji wala had closed his shop down and was sleeping-“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

So it was of no use waking him up. Walking nearly a kilometre, we had become tired, when a kind autorickshaw wala helped and guided us.

We asked him-“Kya aapko malum hai ki, yahan par koi restaurant ya khane ki jagah hai?”

Translation in english-“Do you know of any nearby place where we may find a restaurant or an eatery?”

The autorickshawala – “Do galli ke bad, aapko ek patli si galli milegi. Udhar ek badhiya khaneki jagah hai.”

Translation in english –“After two alleys, you will find a narrower alley. There you would find an excellent eatery.”

We- “Dhanyabad.”

Meaning-“Thank you.”

We went ahead and found that place. It was very narrow and it was crowded too. Bicycles and Bikes were parked and it was hard to navigate.People from all parts of life were having food there.

Four men who were the cooks at that eatery,were busy making the food items. The cook making “aloo ke paratha” was sweating a lot as a lot of heat energy, and the chaat specialists were making bhel puri and sev puri and the fourth cook was continuously belting out samosa after samosa.The speed at which they were working was simply unbelievable.

We ordered for three plates of “aloo ke paratha and samosas”.

In each plate of “aloo ke paratha” there were two parathas and the samosas were served with delicious green chutney.

We were so – so hungry that, by we thought that food was blessed and sent by Lord himself.

The food was delicious, mind blowing and excellent and with such speed we had eaten it up, that we were amazed.

It truly was a memorable afternoon and experience. There is a special charm in eating food from roadside eateries.