The Big Strong Faith.

man in green coat figure standing in front of yellow toy bus
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The big strong faith makes me quiver.

It doesn’t stand high for the times are a bit challenging.

The big time criminals are running free while the commoners remain the suffers.

It often brings the question to one’s mind,

That, is God listening?

Or is God helping those ones who only do wrong?



It Wasn’t Built In A Day.

It wasn’t built In a day,

The mode and men to do It were hyper selected by very very low level parasites.

With the help of few default builders,

They made it, built It and had lots of parties,

But simply left us out.

Just note:-It was supposed to be ours,

Now it’s time for them to be left out.

And it would be built in a day.



The Bald Man.

The bald man,

Is an absolute bullshit.

He does nothing and diminishes everything that we have.

He helps his near and dear ones who have helped him be successful

And have revived his society through their excellent progeny.

He makes life for those who have the beneficiary of being his wife’s personal favourites,

But in reality he is a big traitor just like his father and bigger brother.

The bald man is simply just short of being a curse on us

And truly I hope that he undoes what he has done to us.