A Qualified Banana.

A qualified banana,

Fresh and frozen,

Is chopped up for,

Garnishing on the top of,

Strawberry ice cream.

The deliciously frozen banana,

Serves as a reminder,

That some things are simply evergreen.




A Tong And Its Chapattis.

A tong which fluffs up the chapatti,

Is my favourite.

It’s so because nothing beats butter chicken with hot chapattis.

And the tong, which helps in making it, I keep it with care in the kitchen, for the next day, Maa again makes those beautiful chapattis for me.

Chapattis are truly delicious 😋.



Slight Opening Of The Room’s Door.

At the slight opening of the room’s door,

My heart rate went fast.

I looked at the door,

But no one was there.

It creeked again,😜

Immediately I tried to trace the noise,

Yet, I found no one there.

Maybe the wind was playing,