A Merry Doll.

A merry doll,

Who had a funny face,

And lopsided hair.

When its back button was pressed,

It would say-“Good morning, how are you?”

It was a marvel for many kids,

And many came to play with it,

Yet the merry doll wasn’t damaged even a bit,

And at each of its birthday the merry doll was gifted a new dress and tiny false hair.

I guess that it made the doll very happy.

Few toys become an integral part of our life.



Big Wink.

A big wink,

From a small child,

Who wanted a lollipop candy.

His parents wouldn’t buy it for him,

And he kept on asking.

At last he winked and said,-“Ma don’t buy me a candy,

Instead get me a toy car”.

That was enough.

The mother immediately took the child in her arms and straight they went home.

He shouldn’t have asked for the toy car.

Maybe luck would have favoured him,

And his wish for the candy would have come true.



A Story Which Belonged To Imagination.

A story which belonged to imagination,

Flew around my mind.

It had fairies, small babies,

Flowers, castles, gardens and rubies in it.

The story was full of adventure and magic,

As the story belonged to imagination,

There was hardly anything missing.

Imagination with fantasy,

Often brings out many marvels,

And this story was none the less,

It was a masterpiece on its own.

Happy reading.



History In A Book.

History has found itself,

Written in a book,

Which contains wrong facts about it.

History didn’t know whom to complain to.

He tried complaining to the author,

The author didn’t comply with it.

It was a happy ending for history,

As the author’s son came and checked him on time,

And all the wrong facts were thrown out.

There were hardly any facts left after that,

And the book was published as a story book,

Later on.

History was very happy with the outcome.

All’s well that ends well.



Potato With Rice And Eggs.

Plainly fried potatoes made with turmeric, salt and black mustard seeds taste simply wonderful.

When had with plain rice with an egg poach or boiled eggs, the whole dish tastes marvellous.

It hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes to cook this dish, and its simplicity makes it more beautiful, tastier and delicious.

It is truly a miracle.