My Reply To My Friend The Elephant.

“My dearest elephant friend,

I was very happy to receive your letter.

I shall definitely visit the zoo again soon with Ma And Baba.

Last summer we all had an enjoyable time playing with you, at the zoo.

This time we shall definitely play with a bigger ball.

And I shall ask the zoo keeper to provide you with big bananas.

Be happy, play well,


There is a surprise waiting for you.

From your friend”.



Had You Written the Letter?

Had you written the letter?

Which was so beautiful.

It explained your pain,

But the time mattered.

You had just given your best to succeed,

But it didn’t come.

But one day success shall definitely come,

For it has to.

Had you written the letter?

I know you had,

But as I know you to be shy,

So, I asked.

You had written that letter.

It definitely touched my heart.



In Australia.

In Australia,

The weather was beautiful yet somber.

In a rosy afternoon,

We went for a walk,

Beside the sea beach.

The beach was nearly well maintained,

And the coconut trees were afar.

But the most scintillating part was the sea water,

Which was of a marvelous blue colour.

In Australia,

The days were happy,

And exciting.

For visiting the seaside again,

I am waiting.

Lets see how long the wait goes……



When You Possess Courage, There’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of.

When you possess courage,

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Except Corruption.

When you possess courage,

You can win the world.

But these words mean nothing in today’s world,

For to sustain,

One has to work hard,

Which is hard to come by.

As shortcuts rule this world.

To build up that courage,

What one needs to have to possess that courage is faith and inner strength,

That, what they are feeling, saying and doing is right, honest and truthful.