A Letter Too Old.

A letter too old,

With its cover torn,

Was in a nearly tattered condition in a school bag.

It was from a principal to a boy,

Congratulating him for his excellent performance in his term exams.

The letter remained in his bag, as a memory of his achievement.

For in the last four terms he was one of the lowest scoring students.

That was a truly sore point for him.

He had notched up his practice and steadily his marks increased.

That letter remained his prize forever.



It Was A Play Day.

The rain is playing,

The game of cat and mouse with us,

The simple men.

In the beauty of the early morning sunshine,

Few boys played some games,

They played gilly-danda, cricket and football.

Then again came the rain,

And all went to their homes,

Without any wait.

All the day,

They played in and around their house,

Waiting for the rain to abate.

It was a play day.

The schools are about to begin.

When I was small,

I would enjoy each and every day before the school,

Now those days are gone.

It’s a relief.

That’s that and let us play,

Aren’t they good?

That in them we do belief.



Realizing the reality.

Reality is a ball which has two sides and it is the hard non chewable food of life which one has to chew. Suppose you are ill. You have a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But you can’t miss work as you would lose on a day’s salary as your medical leave and other paid holidays have already been used up and you need the money. As a result of not taking care while having fever, your fever catapults into 102 degrees and soon you are bound to your bed for atleast two days.

Reality is the goo or the worldly nonsense which keeps us all bounded with tight and strong ropes. To break a stretch away from it is a big task.
For example:- Many kids don’t like to go school. They might say-“Why do we have to attend such boring places? When we can play games as much as we like and excel in other fields?”

But the rule of the world regarding studies and the eyes of the society often pulls students to schools where they are worst taught than caged parrots and by the time they reach eighteen years of age, they act simply as mechanical textbook robots, who only have college and money in their sight. It’s not bad to have money in your sight, but when it becomes your obsession, all else good in life vanishes away.

The road which we traverse everyday, is a road which is full of non-reality. Any television show is completely a form of fiction and often misleading.

Reality is the deep truth which we realize when the team we support needs 36 runs out of seven balls. But the paradox of reality is the same which is batting would have done much better if the umpires had not given some silly decisions.
Reality is that mesh of net which often has no truth in it. It is frequently build upon false notions, rules and beliefs.

Reality and fiction goes hand in hand. Or they are hand in glove with each other. Reality comes into play when you see a bowler batting superbly like a top order batsman, but it also shows it’s other side when you see that a top order batsman gets out on a duck.

Reality is the supreme finery which gives good students lesser marks, while dumb and idiotic students are given higher marks with extra grace marks added on top. Such students become more of an idiot after receiving such marks.

Reality is that ball which is seen through our eyes, when an extremely talented footballer can’t score a single goal throughout the match.

Reality is also the truth when a man and a woman become mother and father of a beautiful and healthy baby. That is the biggest reality.

Life simply goes on without stopping, but we seldom score points in realizing it. We look towards that side which is favourable, but reality often looks the other way round.

Realizing reality is a tough game, much tougher than any device or electronic game which is played on hard mode.

Only with experience and subtlety does one understand it and slowly, slowly, much slower than a snail do they realize it.

N.B. An egg shell has a hard outer covering which breaks when it is broken, but when you look at an egg from outside you know that it has yolk in it and if you place that yolk on a frying pan, beautiful poach or omelettes would be made.

But to know the inner materials of an egg, you had to break it. But after that, you always knew what an egg consists of. Such is reality. Either it is a boiled egg or a poach/omelette.

Happy realizing reality.



Let’s Go To School.

Let’s go to school,

Let’s study hard,

In the tiffin break,

Let’s have a big tiffin of cakes,

Which we shall share with the birds.

Let’s play pen fight,

While our teachers teach,

Who needs to rot?

While learning a2=b2=c2.

Let’s make learning fun,

Let’s find the tune till time remains,

For once the threshold of school is crossed,

All is in vain.

Let’s be children again,

Let’s have fun,

Let’s make good of ourselves,

So that we may not be a picture lost in the sun.



Laughter and Its Effect.

We came out of the house, past the building gate,walked along the main road, passed the by lane. A few steps ahead, we met our old housemaid. Seeing us, she felt so happy that she laughed. Her laughter was so yellow, I don’t want to describe it any further and I leave to you to understand that we felt suffocated and couldn’t help answering her questions, like how we are, who is working now? Could she come for giving my mother some massage and all.

Ma gave her little money and we proceeded further. Reached a baker’s shop and ordered some savouries and told him that while going back home, we will collect it. We proceeded further to the next by lane for walking and met our old school bus driver.

 He smiled and he had long and sharp teeth. Recognized me and asked what I was doing now. He told my mother –“Your son was very peaceful. He never quarrelled in the bus”.

After passing him, Ma looked at me and asked-“Is it a denture day?” We were walking and came the panipuriwala. We stopped for it and had panipuris when a small girl brought a pitcher full of good water. The panipuri seller, made the tamarind water.

The girl is very fluent in Marathi and she asked her father would she bring some more. To this her father said-“No, now you sit here.”

As we were gulping down the panipuri very faster, the girl started laughing without any control. Both of us also laughed. This time, her denture and laughter was from her heart and joyful. That we forgot the laughter of the old acquaintances

Came back and collected the bakery product and both of us checked in the mirror, that how do we look when we laugh and it was okay. Relief.