Bread Crumbs.

Bread Crumbs.

Birds like bread crumbs.

So do I.

Am I a bird?

Definitely not.

It’s unfair to compare me with a bird.

The little sparrow,my friend,

Says-“There is no harm in being called a bird.”

Birds are better than many humans”.

The bread crumbs make a great combination with omellete,

And with the tasty dal which Ma makes,

They taste heavenly.

Bread crumbs are bread crumbs.

Whether you like them or not.

But if you are a nice human,

Then you definitely will.




I am moved,

I can feel it inside my heart.

It was heartfelt.

The boy next door said,

Play with me sir,

For tomorrow I will be moving to another town.

I played with him,

As he would be leaving our town the next day.

As soon as he began playing his mother called him,

For there was packing still left to be done for them.

The boy shook my hands and the next day moved.

While leaving he waved me bye.

I was truly moved.



My Mother’s Saree.

My mother has a Baluchari saree. Baba had bought it for her in Kolkata many years back.

I had seen the saree many times, but had not noticed anything special about it. Today when Ma took it out from the wardrobe, I saw that the pallu/anchal i.e. endpiece of the saree was full of depicted drawings.

 I took a closer look and saw that it wasn’t any plain drawing, but the whole Ramayana was depicted on the saree. On one image I could see Rama was shooting arrows against a deer. In another image I saw Sita ma sitting and thinking deeply about something.

The saree is of orange and black colour. It is extremely soft. The work is extremely intricate.

Fine silk thread has been in making the saree and it is a gorgeous and beautiful saree.

It is a special Baluchari saree. Baluchari sarees were first made in Baluchar village in Murshidabad, West Bengal. That’s where the saree get it’s name from. Mostly all Baluchari sarees have Ramayan depicted on it.

The whole of Ramayana was depicted very nicely. But mind you, these drawing were not the work of computer imagery or painting or some other form of drawing. They were pure handiwork of saree artisans who have handstiched the whole of the series.

I asked Ma-“Where had you worn this saree?”

Ma replied-“To my cousin’s marriage and in many other functions.”

I told Ma that I was very happy that she had such a saree.


Image courtesy of By Atudu – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46712966


No Cricket Only Catch-Catch.

Yesterday was Sunday. I don’t know what had happened. But all the teams which play cricket in the stadium near my house, came to the stadium but didn’t play cricket. Most of them sat on their bikes (which were allowed in the stadium) and had a good chit chat. It appeared that the group which was suppose to bring cricket bats for playing had given the other groups a slip and there was nothing play cricket with. So after an hour, the remaining teams went to a nearby shaded area and started playing catch-catch with the tennis ball. I had fun watching them play catch-catch, as it is a game which I love playing. The boys looked happy and it seemed they had more fun playing catch-catch than playing cricket as everybody got a chance to catch the ball.

It was happy day. Play catch-catch and enjoy.