Humankind needs rejuvenation,

But that needs to be through one’s mind.

Mind is such a device,

That plays havoc with one’s well being.

Humankind is suffering for their own selfishness, idiocy and foolishness.

Hope is their only way out.



When The Resolve Is Firm.

When the resolve is firm,

We are going to sing a song.

What kind of song,

That we don’t know,

But hell or heaven,

We will definitely sing the song.

When the resolve is firm,

Good marks are got,

But if teachers are crooked,

Then you are sure to rot.

When the resolve is firm,

The big clock will sound,

“Dong, dong and dong”.

When the resolve is firm,

The batsman is sure to hit a six,

But it might be a four as well.

When the resolve is firm,

You can definitely buy an ice cream,

But have it before it melts.

When the resolve is firm,

Prosperity can be got, money acquired and fame handled.

But even the most firm resolve,

Can’t get you God’s love.

God’s love is unique, special and very big boon,

Which can’t be got even with thousand askings.

It can be got with you being yourself.

If you even have a tiny drop of love in you,

Then it may take eons or might take a day or a minute or a second or millisecond, etc , but one day definitely you will feel God’s love.

When the resolve is firm,

The world becomes too small.



So Rich.

So rich that he can’t sleep.

So rich that he can’t eat.

So rich that he can’t talk.

So rich that he can’t walk.

So rich that he used a big car for a short ride.

So rich that he travels in charter flights for the distance of which a common man walks.

So rich that he doesn’t pay taxes.

So rich that his statements are full of faux passes.

So rich that he can’t sing.

So rich that he can’t pick up his phone when it rings.

So rich that he can’t dance.

So rich that his soul is full of foul.

So rich that can’t enjoy a football match as he is too busy making money.

So rich that he can’t keep count of his money.

So rich that his pavilion is full of gold.

So rich that at his call, all go for a stroll.

So rich that he has no dimension.

So rich that despite having two houses in Amsterdam, three in London and four in Japan he has to live in a rented one.

So rich that he is making more and more machines and creating less jobs.

So rich that his wife meets him only once a week.

So rich that his children have forgotten his face.

So rich that his damn toothpaste can’t bear his mouth’s breathe.

So rich that he was forever all lonely and all alone.

For when he died there was no one to cover the stone.

When he went up, there were no angels, no fairies, no God to welcome, for in his Kingdom of Gold he was and will be all alone.

But do not despair, for there is hope, when God sees him for there will be another chance. What he makes of it is true nature’s hope.

Be rich at heart and mind. Money and its richness won’t last forever. For currency changes, you change, puberty comes, mind blooms, marriage happens, children comes but when you reach your destination, the ticket checker must be present there to check and cut your ticket otherwise, there sure would be trouble.



Eating A Sandwich By The Rhine.

I don’t know how many of you have visited the river Rhine, but it is a beautiful, serene and calm river famous across the world.

It’s a huge tourism spot in Germany.

Nearly ten years back, my dad had visited that place and sitting very near to the river he had a sandwich, which he still reminisces about.

Often the words come out from him-“There is no place to have a quieter morning breakfast than the Rhine.  You can see the boats going by, people walking across the bridge and most importantly various birds flying across the sky.”

When I asked him what sandwich it was? He replied-“Who cares? I was lost watching the scenic beauty of Rhine.”

Felt like he was back in old times when everything was good.