Do Your Best.

The inner feelings of doing your best,

Doesn’t let you rest,

It wants the very best from you.

To do your best ,

Excel at your own self

Without any roadblocks go ahead and survive.



A Golf Course.

A golf course,

True and golden

Is a place for happiness,

For the game their is true.

If you had been there,

You would have cherished and known that such a place exists.

There is laughter,

There is frolic,

There are matches to be won,

But it is done in the right sportsman spirit.



Can You Be The Happiest One?

Can you be the happiest one? It is easy to say that be happy and do try your best.

But happiness in this crazy and exhausting world is quite tough to achieve.

Happiness is such an expensive thing that any dollar or pound would fall and bow their heads before it.

Happiness is such a thought which elevates a bad thought, a doomed mind or a lull being.

To try, to achieve the effort,the effect of being the happiest one is truly a commendable one but a parent with a small child in his or her arms is the happiest one accordong to me.



A Fairy In Home.


A fairy named Ballerina, had built a new home.She couldn’t believe her eyes. Every now and then she would pop in and out of her house.

Soon, she went to her maternal grandmother’s house to invite her maternal grandparents for dinner.

When they came, she made them stay for a long time and eventually they stayed there for months.

She had built a garden, a pool, a playground, the drawing room was full of photos of the fairyland.

Often, her maternal grandparents would go out for walks to longer distances.

That used to make Ballerina angry, as she would be busy in her chores and she couldn’t accompany them. She kept pn working hard on her spells, often forgetting them in a tumbler.

This is how her time went on.