Can Reverse Plasmolysis Occur? If So, Then In Which Type Of Solution Does It Happen?

Yes, Reverse Plasmolysis can occur. It occurs in hypotonic solution.



Tripalmitin is…….

Tripalmitin is a fatty acid which is found in human body. It is a triglyceride derived from palmitic acid.

It is a 16 carbon chain compound and is the only fatty acid which is synthesized from the beginning in the human body. It increases body weight and is found in body fats.

In the field of biology and zoology and in the studies of human body one can come across the term “Tripalmitin”.



A Single Drop Of Rain.

A single drop of rain,

Makes me happy.

It makes me prosper,

Lets me feel the bliss.

A single drop of rain,

Is a sign that the rainy season has come,.

And with it comes splashing in puddles,

Getting wet like mad,

Running a fever at full steam.

A single drop of rain,

Is what students wait for,

As there is fun in playing cricket in the rain,

Fun in running wild in the rain,

Fun in eating hot pakoras.

A single drop of rain,

Is what brings cheer to the face,

As the rain has come and with it,

Life’s most essential force “water” has come.

Now all will be well.

All the plants will be well nourished.

The lakes will be filled,

Fruits would grow on trees.

All will be green again.

A single drop of rain is what we all need.

The roads become wet and heat comes down.

The soul feels relieved, blessed and fulfilled.

As if the whole creation is waiting for that moment,

When the single rain drop descends upon earth,

Like a pearl drop melted in an orb,drop and drop

Drizzling like an old known blessing

Assures that the hot pain will be over,

To make all happy and free.