A Little Birdie.

beautiful bird bloom blossom

Deep in the forest,

Lived an old man,

Who was Lord incarnate.

He had a little birdie,

Who would gather small nuts from trees

And put them in the Lord’s basket.

The old man would select few of those nuts

And rub them together,

Bringing out the little nut beautifully from their shell.

The bird felt very happy,

On being feed by the Lord.

Then the little birdie,

Wanted an ice cream from the Lord,

Which the old man has said would take sometime.

Each morning thinking of the ice cream,

The little birdie would gallop across the skies,

In search of new adventures

And after coming back would ask Lord-” Lord, am I getting the ice cream today?”

Lord would smile

And ask it to wait.

Two days later Lord gifted the bird two large scoops of ice cream,

Eating those two scoops the birdie felt so stomach full,

That it went to sleep in Lord’s arms,

Murmuring -“Father, today I have truly reached heaven”?




From The Ice Cream Vendor.

From the ice cream vendor,

Buy two get one free,

Two cones of vanilla ice cream and get a strawberry ice cream cone free.

And if you buy two cones of chocolate ice cream with that you get one cone of butterscotch free.

The flavours could be interchanged too.

As soon as this advertisement went viral,

People flocked to his shop like bees attracted to honey.

He soon ran out of his stock,

And a week later he had to keep an extra helper in his shop,

His shop became a super duper hit.

And his sales excelled hereafter.



A Conglomerate.

A conglomerate,

Bought an ice cream factory.

There they made,

Ice creams of chocolate, vanilla,

strawberry, raspberry, butter scotch,

blueberry, cranberry,

And pineapple flavours.

Now the things had spiced up.

A new player entered the play,

And he introduced ten new flavours,

But this old schmuck,

Stuck to his boots,

And he didn’t hang up his boots,

Instead he kept producing ice cream in the traditional way,

And he won.

The other player couldn’t even survive a year with his fashionable flavours of ice creams.

Soon a new offer came in,

Buy two and get one free.

Had it been vice versa,

Wonderful it would have been.


A Gust Of Wind.

A Gust Of Wind.

A gust of wind,

Blew away the top layer of the ice cream.

A gust of wind,

Flew it to the mountains,

Seeking amnesty from it,

But the wind said-“Return the ice cream back to the little boy,

And say sorry to him..

The ice cream had melted by then,

So, wind had to buy the boy a new ice cream,

And in return the innocent gave him his lots of love.

Mr.Wind felt sad,

And cried.

He solemnly promised never to do it again.



The Aunt Granny.

My father’s aunt, the aunt granny, used to come to our house frequently. Now she is very old and cannot come. We go and see her sometimes. When she used to come, she would tell us many things about her life, her achievement, her household, even about my father. She could notice any small changes we had made which was not there earlier. We love her. We go and ask gifts from her maybe chocolates or chips or lozenges or whatever maybe.

She would bring sometimes and sometimes tell stories.She challenged us, that we should read long hours and we should not fall asleep. Now one day, all three of us brothers and sisters were determined to hear a good story from her. It should be long and we will not fall asleep.

She agreed and that story went like that “Once I was young and I loved riding horses. Your granduncle would help me in that. I felt like a queen, but he would say, it was only a horse not a carriage.”

We asked grand Anny-“Did you like ice cream also?” Then she told-“Yes, but I only made them, I broke them on my frying pan and the poach will be simply superb.”

Then Robin asked her-“What next you will put Anny?” She will say “Some onion, herb and black pepper.” We all laughed and giggled. She opened her eyes and told us that whatever she had cooked no one could cook it forever. You must ask your father. All liked my recipes.”

Greta told-“O! Anny if you place an ice cream on a frying pan and the poach comes out with all the ingredients which you told, no recipe can second it. I will definitely eat it with orange peels. What about that?”

Anny told-“Orange peels I like the most. I will make a face scrub and keep it in the fridge as a spread on the bread.”

We all again giggled and laughed. She had fallen asleep and murmuring many more recipes like that.