A Scented Musk.

A scented musk,

Was bought by a man.

It costed $180.

He presented it to his wife,

She was happy with it,

Yet she had expected a rose with it.

She was a bit gloomy,

For her thoughts kept reverberating towards the rose.

When her husband came to know it,

He bought a beautiful bouquet of rose,

And presented it to her.

Seeing this gift from her husband,

Tears came out of her eyes,

And she said-“Couldn’t you have given me this rose earlier?”



They Are Laughing In A Group.

They are laughing in a group.

Like mad men,

On the streets.

They are eating,

Burgers and French fries,

Yet their laughter is uncontrollable.

They are laughing in a group,

For nothing is impossible at this time,

For them.

Hope, I could laugh as openly as them,

For it is a privilege to laugh,

And that too in a group.



A Glance Was Enough.

A glance was enough,

To melt the boy’s heart.

To make the rose want more for the light,

For they weren’t apart.

A glance was enough,

To rock the mountains,

to bring the happiness,

Into light’s heart.

A glance was enough,

For the morning call.

As the sun rose,

Into a glorious beginning,

The glance made it all.



A Fine Rainy Morning.

A fine rainy morning,

Makes the road wet and splashy.

It diversifies,

The economy and the ecology,

With people staying indoors,

While most children simply venture out,

To make most of the rains.

A fine rainy morning,

Is welcomed with long snoring sleep,

Then a sip of tea,

With hot bread and cold jam,

And a peek out of the window,

To simply acknowledge the situation,

And say,

“Yes, it is raining,

And the rains are beautiful,

Let’s have tea”.

A fine rainy morning………….



The Big God.

The big God,

Shook my hands.

He said-“Hi, my friend, how are you?”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Here the Lord Of the Universe,

Was calling me his friend!

He again said-“How are you my friend?”

I replied-“I am very fine sir.”

He said-“In all the universes, I am no sir. It is love from all beings which keeps me going, otherwise it is hard to sustain.”

“But sir, aren’t you the mightiest of all?”

“Oh, no. That is my father.”

“I am simply known as the Big God.”

“Well, how do you do sir?”

“I am doing just fine.”

“Aren’t we all?”

“No, we all aren’t”

“That’s how it is.”

“That’s very true sir, that’s how it is.”