The Sun Which Is Light Golden At Dusk.


The sun which is,

Light golden at dusk,

While going down the horizon,

Lightened up the sky,

And all the objects across the big dimension.

The buildings glowed in its uncommon golden light,

And they looked beautiful.

The sun indeed was majestic,

And more majestic than it is my Lord.

It felt as if the whole scenery infront of me, was a painting from my Lord’s own drawing book.



There Is Nothing Hidden From Him.

There is nothing hidden from him,

No pain,

Can be held behind the curtains,

No truth can be hidden.

He cries in our truth,

In love,

In pain.

He smiles at our foolishness.

But loves.

There is truly nothing hidden,

Any anguish which you may feel,

Reaches him much before,

You can imagine.

There is nothing hidden from him.

Do believe it.