Tender Coconut Water

Tender coconuts are a miracle from God.It is such a fruit, that it contains both bread and water in it.Most of the countries have tender coconut available.One can see the coconut trees lined in rows near the sea beaches.There are particular places around the globe where the whole coconut vegetation is done.It is really fun to sip coconut water and that too when you are out in the guzzling sun.You go to a coconut vendor and he gives you the coconut with a straw inserted in it and as you sip the water, you feel that nectar is flowing through your throat-it is the drink for Gods to have and asking the vendor for the thick coconut creamy layer is a funny part, as you try to scrape out the creamy layer and try to get the most of it.This is a scene which can be seen everywhere now a days, in this hot summer. At home you can make a hole on the top of the coconut, insert a straw inside it and if and if you break the coconut, then you will get “the bread” i.e. the tender white thick coconut creamy layer.The coconut water is very rich in minerals, especially containing vitamin B,amino acids,magnesium and potassium. It helps very much in digestion and the same coconut water can be used for washing your face to get rid of acnes and pimples.It is good for removing scars and blemishes.

What I love the most about coconuts,are the coconut laddoos that my mother makes and the scrapped coconut pieces. Coconut chutney with little peanuts is the food item which I love the most and my mother has many recipes for it.