The Rose And It’s Power.

The rose is a power.

The petals have opened to a design,

Covering each other side by side.

One side covers the side of the another.

One after the another petals open and a rose is grown.

The secret is very close,

You can keep it at your heart.

The rose is a silence.

The rose is a colour of the light.

A bunch of rose is a glory.

The secret who does know,

Who is in love.

The fragrance, the style.

The muteness makes a person a poet for a while.



Scientific Name of Indian Bay Leaf.

Indian bay leaf is a common household spice used in everyday cooking in india.

In India it is known as ” tejpatta”.

But do you know it’s scientific name?😄

The scientific name of Indian Bay Leaf or tejpatta is Cinnamomum Tamala .

The spice has many unique and excellent properties.



The Sun Came Down.

The sun came down.

With its light upon upon all.

There was light all over the horizon,

And it was very blissful,

Like a lullaby,

Sang by mothers all over the world.

The sun came down.

The man selling cubanoes,

Set up his truck.

And like a good businessman,

Made the best of all.

The sun came down,

And the children who were playing,

Decided to go back home.

As it was time for their studies.

The sun came down,

And went back to his home,

To sleep in his mother’s lap.

But before that he made a dune,

On which he etched,

With best wishes,

From Mr.Sun.



I Love My Party.

My long black hair,

Ironed and straight.

My shirt is white,

And my pant is red.

When makeover is complete.

I am ready for a party.

Ready for my friends,

Whom I will meet there.

We will dine, drink and dance and go absolute.

We will be finished in a mess.

And will be out from the crowd.

I have stressed myself.

And myself got out.

On my bed I fell asleep.

Next I will think when the sun will peep.

It will touch my eyes,

And will say why all these,

When I am so nigh.



Beyond The Seas.

Beyond the seas,

Lives my friend Joshua,

Far away in the land of America.

Beyond the seas,

Lives my friend Karl,

Though he is very near to me.

Beyond the seas,

A princess runs a big world,

And she is very dear friend of mine.

So big is her authority,

That many tremble simply at her name.

Beyond the seas,

Lives my another friend,

Who travels all over the world,

And is very sweet and she is always happy.

Beyond the seas,

The fairies and the giants also live.

But when sometimes the need arise,

They visit earth for sometime.

Beyond the seas,

Many live,

But my dear friends,

Have you ever visited any place beyond the seas?

I think most of you have,

But maybe not to the land of fairies and of the giants.