Funny That Your Nose Runs.

Funny that your nose runs,

It runs and runs and runs.

How many miles it has covered?

Is known only to God himself,

And the figures are humungous.

The slimy gooey thing which comes out,

Is simply unbelievable.

Will it ever stop?

I don’t think it ever would.

But it is truly and very funny,

That your nose runs,

And while it runs,

When you run short of handkerchiefs to wipe your nose with,

That’s when the things take an interesting turn.

Let’s see,

How much longer does it run.



My Reply To My Friend The Elephant.

“My dearest elephant friend,

I was very happy to receive your letter.

I shall definitely visit the zoo again soon with Ma And Baba.

Last summer we all had an enjoyable time playing with you, at the zoo.

This time we shall definitely play with a bigger ball.

And I shall ask the zoo keeper to provide you with big bananas.

Be happy, play well,


There is a surprise waiting for you.

From your friend”.



An Elephant Wrote Me A Letter.

An elephant wrote me a letter.

He asked-“Do you remember me?

We met last summer.

It was great fun.

We had few bananas together.

Do you remember that morning?

The sun was very bright,

And everything seemed magical.

Few are such sunshines,

Which are ever lasting.

Now they have added a few enclosures,

In the zoo,

For the animals are new and of different species.

Do visit me again,

We shall play together,

With a much bigger ball.

I will trumpet aloud,

And say aloud- Hip-Hip-Hooray.

For all the fun to begin,

And for all the fun to remain,

I am waiting for your reply.

Your friend the elephant.” Adios!


A Wizard’s Tale.

A wizard’s tale,

Is a great of source of happiness, and enjoyment,

For any anybody,

Especially a child.

A wizard’s tale,

Brings back the idea of wands, spells, power and fantasy.

It helps one delve into his/her own childhood.

A wizard’s tale,

Seeks the justice,

Which is often is missed out in today’s world.

A wizard’s tale,

Is God’s love bestowed upon his children,

For by reading a beautiful wizard’s tale,

Full of magic, excitement and all sorts of mysterious things,

It shall bring a huge relief to one’s mind, self and soul.

A wizard’s tale,

Is a prized book,

Preserve and keep it safely.

And be extremely happy,

While reading it.



I Have Seen The Light.

I have seen the light,

It is bright and beautiful.

For Meher Baba And Sai Baba Of Shirdi live there.

They are the truest light and source of love.

Which further glorifies and makes love what it is.

I have seen the light,

For my Nicole stays.

She is a friend in need and a friend indeed.

I have seen the light,

It’s colours are so bright,

That all stupid minds are diminished then and there.

I have seen the light,

For my Nunnun and Dadubhai reside there.

I have seen the light,

It’s so bright,

That only mother’s love, a father’s love and Meher Baba’s and Sai Baba’s love exceeds that.