Daily Gifts.

Daily gifts,

Is the love which we receive,

For being in the infinite grace of love.

Daily gifts,

Is the breaking of the stereotype in which we live in.

Daily gift,

Is the grace of God

And that’s what sustains us.

For he is truly the truest one.



A Tree In A Mango Orchard.

A tree in a mango orchard,

Was special amongst all of them.

The tree was a fir tree and the gardener used to love it.

The mangoes bloomed and they were juicy and nice.

But the fir tree had a beautiful garden built around it and dedicated to it.

That’s what made it special.

Everyday the owners would sit on the chair near the fir tree and plan their future.

It gave them much peace.



A Blank Letter On My Desk.

A blank letter on my desk,

Reminds me of my maternal grandmother.

She used to be our source of inspiration, happiness and cheer.

Though she is in ranks with the head honchos yet sometimes I miss her.

It’s sheer the need of her cuddle, of her love, that we reach out to her.

Sometimes Christmas brings back her memories.

She is truly living on forever.



Cooling Your Mind.

Cooling your mind,

Ain’t a job for the airconditioners or fans.

It requires a cool temperament of the human soul.

Cool temperament comes from a human who is calm, quiet and peaceful.

Any being who is over excited would seldom have a cool mind.

You need to have a clear head and extreme patience to sail through the muds which cause all the day.

Cooling or calming your mind can be achieved by preseverance, yoga and happiness.