A Generous Man.

A generous man,

Had a business which wasn’t doing so well.

He started two new endeavours and they did subtely well.

He would donate to schools, charities, missions and to few private groups.

But his contributions came down due to less profitable business in the recent times.

Yet, to give his maximum he started donating from his own income.

This surprised the organizations which used to receive contributions from him.

Till now his business hasn’t recovered much,

Yet he continues his endeavours.

This spirit of his has earned him the title of being a true generous man, but he continues to be humble and hopes to do more for the society.



Orange Juice.

Orange juice,

Full of vitamin C,

Can be sweetened up,

By adding a bit of sugar.

But most of the times it tastes “Bah!”,

There are many people who are choosy

And they like to have only pure and refined orange juice.

It is as if they are having refined cooking oil.

On the other hand,

Orange juice tastes great,

Those who miss out on it,

Are the sufferers.

Tbough above I have written that it tastes ” Bah”,

Orange juice is a healthy and refreshing drink,

And it only needs the capacity to be taken in.



Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice cream sandwiches are a fave dish in the desert world.

Launched many years back, they haven’t ruled much.

But there are a few human beings who do love it.

It is generally triple layered.

Have you ever seen it?

Well, well, well.

It’s time for some ice cream sandwich or just some plain ice cream would do folks.



A Magnificent Eclair.

chocolate cake on chopping board

A magnificent eclair,

Was deep frozen inside my fridge,

It waited and waited,

To be eaten,

Yet it layed in wait.

One morning it simply vanished.

It had gone to Foodland,

In search of an apprentice,

But came back empty handed.

Well, when asked the eclair said

I was feeling alone,

So I went in search for an apprentice,

Who would understand my pain.

And in return I would teach it the art of being patient.

Well, then it became a tough choice for us to decide whether to eat it or not.

That’s when the eclair came to our rescue and said-“Please eat me.I am famished that no one is eating me.What are you all folks waiting for? For a VAR decision to be reversed?”

Well, we didn’t have much of a choice and as soon as we gobbled it up, we heard subtle thank you.

That was the eclair saying goodbye.It tasted fresh and felt as if it was newly made,but how that was possible, remains a mystery till date.




Sought A Referral.

Sought a referral,

For a food recipe,

That was mine.

The recipe was not unique,🍔🍅🍅🍅🍒🍒🍞

But to make it early in the morning,

The stars dimmed in front of my eyes.

Well that’s a story written short.

The referral was not granted.


Well that’s how things go now,

And yet Ha Ha Ha.