Ice Creams.

Few less than four are nothing and four above it is eight.

So, four beautiful cones of ice creams filled our time with happiness and smile

And the flavours are quite delicious that more than we knew,

We had finished them.

Such beautiful ice creams are seldom found and seldom made.



I Saw A Bird Talk.

I saw a bird talk,

It was eating breads and chocolate.

It said-“Little boy can I have some ice cream?”.

I couldn’t believe my ears.

The bird flew away.

Next day it came back and placed a toy giraffe on my window still.

“For the chocolates. I will come back after a month and please could we have ice cream for the party.?”

I was highly astounded.I told the bird -“Wait for my Ma.Don’t fly away.”

I called Ma and told her all about the bird.”

Ma smiled at thr bird and said -” I shall cook few unique dishes for you and your little ones.”

Upon hearing this the bird did a nice flip and flew away home.