A Ball Written Upon With Blue Letters.

A ball written upon with blue letters,

Was hanging inside a mall.

A boy named Tim wanted it badly.

So, he asked his parents to buy that ball for him.

They searched everywhere in the mall and none of the shops there sold such a ball.

The boy was nearly upset.

Few days later his father went on a business tour and while on his way back he found such a ball and bought it for his son.

The son’s joy upon receiving the ball was of extreme happiness and his joy was unbounded.

He hasn’t touched any of his other toys for the last few days.



The Green Peas.

full frame f of green

The green peas are jumping up and down,

For my big friends have come.

They will be eating matar paneer and tawa pulao (an Indian vegetable amd bread),

Which Ma has made.

They come from a place which is nice and fair

And games are regularly played.

The green peas are asking to be made again,

Into fluffy kachoris (puffed fried bread).

Ma soon would be making them.

Our friends have requested Ma, Baba and me to,

And our friends would visit us again.

That time Ma would be making chana masala and tandoori roti.



A Green Lollipop.

A new lollipop,

Made in new flavours,

Costs rupees eight.

As gifts for children,

They do suit well and even adults keep on eating lollipops while going for work or while working on a laptop or computer.

I had bought three green lollipops for me, Ma and Baba.

The next time I shall buy more for the lollipops do taste excellent.



A Sunday And Chips.

A Sunday is a day,

Which is a nearly a global holiday.

People sleep on till long periods of time and act like couch potatoes.

Waking up time is nothing less than twelve in the afternoon.

The whole day goes in slumber and grumbling.

Televisions are watched and video games are played.

In the meanwhile, chips are munched like a goat who eats up grass. The next day these folks act as sleepy automatons.

A Sunday is a day which should be used for exercising peace and calm, but seldom it is done so.