A Crack On A Paper.

A crack on a paper,

Which was new,

Made me wonder,

How could it crack?

There is no wonder that paper often cracks,

But a paper kept properly in a big book,

Doesn’t crack,

But this one did.

I can’t explain my feeling when I saw it like that.

A crack generally happens when a paper is crumbled, or some weight is put upon it.

I didn’t waste that paper,

And made a paper aeroplane out of it.

That’s what used to happen when I was in school,

A paper gets torn or is crumbled,

Make something out of it,

Be it an aeroplane or a boat.



A Yellow Book.

A yellow book,

Kept on a shelf,

In a bookstore,

Caught my attraction.

Immediately, I picked it up,

And read its summary.

The book had adventures, mystery, fantasy,

All mixed together in it.

I asked Ma to buy it for me,

And Ma did.

That book turned out to be wonderful,

Excellently written,

And made for childrens, teens and adults,

It was Ma who bought it for me,

And she has promised that she will buy me more books.



A Tiny Fragment Of A Sound.

A tiny fragment of a sound,

Reached my ears,

I searched everywhere for its source,

And at last found that,

My pen had fallen.

As I bent to pick it up,

I noticed that an old blackened eraser,

Was jumbled up in spider webs,

I rescued it from its “spidery” condition.

The tiny fragment of sound made me realize,

That a person never gets old of his habits,

Be they good or bad.

Lesser the bad ones,

Much the better.



A Jacket From Paris.

A jacket from Paris,

Was gifted to me by my friend.

It was a red coloured one,

With a flower emblemed on it.

We found it to be grand,

And quite beautiful.

And in its inner pocket was a note from my friend-

“To you my dear friend, from Paris,

With melody, love and happiness.”

With the jacket there was a music CD of a famous singer,

It was a limited edition.

I couldn’t thank my friend enough.


Upon A Hill

Upon A Hill.

Upon a hill,

Came a rabbit,

Whose name was Bill.

He had a cousin,

Who was also named Bill,

And his little sister was named Jill.

Now Bill, Bill and Jill,

Often went to play in a nearby abandoned palace,

Which was a remant of a big war.

One evening they found,

A golden watch hidden in the old storeroom,

And when the watch was set to the correct time,

The whole palace would come alive,

And the fairies would come in and dance,

And the pixies would make it their home,

But after an hour,

The magic used to fade,

All mystical beings to used to go away.

Bill, Bill and Jill,

Kept the watch in their toy box,

And for nearly forty years,

They kept it a secret and when the time came,

They let their children,

In on it too.

Now the magic wouldn’t fade for two hours,

And after a long wait,

They finally managed to buy that palace,

And its magic was visible only to them and to the magical beings.