Quickly Enough.

Quickly enough,

The boy had his breakfast,

To be surprised by a surprise visit by his elder sis,

Who lived four countries away.

He couldn’t hold back his tear,

Neither could she.

They wanted the time to stop there and be freezed for ever,

So that once more by God’s grace,

They may be able to live their childhood once more again.😄



It’s A High Feeling.


It’s a high feeling,

That we have won,

In the eating competition,

Where Chole bhatura (Indian-Punjabi delicacy) were the food items to be eaten.

There were ten competitors,

But we came first.

The prize was priceless,

Ten free pizzas for a year.

We were overjoyed.

Now anyone up for the chole bhature competition? Eh?



A Quiet Voice.

A quite voice,

Mysteriously said hi.

I turned back to see who it was,

But there was no one behind.

The voice again said hi.

This time I was quick and turned around rapidly,

And saw a little child peeping from the behind of huge pillar and saying hi.

As soon as he realized he had been seen,

He smiled and ran to his parents.

I smiled and laughed,

That out of everybody he had chosen to play with me.

Though mischevious, children are wonderful.

Such occurrences keep life rocking.😎😄.


My Wrong Desires.


My wrong desires are,

To have unlimited fun.

To have burgers 🍔 nonstop.

Playing cricket nonstop.

Watching television for more than 10 hours,

Getting wet in the rain.

Playing fighting games.

Reading detective books.

Having more and more ice creams.

Reading without putting on spectacles.

I wish to fly an aeroplane and wave my hands, so that my mother can watch from the balcony.

The list goes on.

Does any one of these wrong desires, match with your desires?



The Sound Of Travel.

The sound of travel,

Lest it be silent,

Makes a lot of noise in general.

The sound of travel,

Is of happiness,

Of eagerness to commence a journey,

And the love to tread the future paths upon.

The sound of travel,

Begins a new journey,

A new outlook,

While the older days are gone behind,

One can look forward to travelling,

To the beautiful roads ahead or the miles,

Which lie in their wait.