A Big Painting.

A big painting,

Was of a typewriter,

An ancient one,

It was sketched,

With oil pastels.

The big painting,

Adorned the wall of a house,

Where once typewriters,

Used to play an important role,

And the painting reminds the members of that household,

That the typewriter was a king once.



Whiff Of A Perfume Ehm…Errr Of A Sanitizer.

I passed a place,

Where many people go on a daily basis,

There was a whiff,

A strong one,

Of a perfume.

In these days,

Where people are having to wear a mask,

Who would load themselves with such a heavy perfume?

I came back home,

And sanitized my hands,

The smell of the sanitizer was same with that of the whiff of the perfume which had got.

Then I realized that whoever had sprinkled himself/ herself with perfume,

Might have sprayed or applied himself or herself with a sanitizer,

And not with a perfume.

With every passing day,

Sanitizers are evolving,

Soon they might be available in diamond flasks,

Which only people with tough dough would be able to buy.

And those sanitizers would be kept safe in bank lockers.

People are having a hard time managing their families.

And there are some people,

Having a bath with sanitizer.

That horrible smell makes one feel that not one but two or three masks should be worn for protection from that truly mind blowing smell.



Material Gain.

Material gain,

Of a bungalow,

Gave a man much pain.

He would constantly be in search of a bigger house.

Ultimately, he bought such a big house,

That it became hard for his wife to upkeep it.

One day tired of his antics,

She spanked him nicely,

First with the broom and then with the rolling pin.

He was planning to buy six more just as vacation bungalow.

For that she gave him six extra spankings.

His whole body was aching with various pain.

He has promised her to shift to a new and smaller house,

And his wife has promised him that if he doesn’t, she has kept the broom ready.



Frostful Nights And Eh…….Mornings Too.

white feathers illustration

At a night in winter time,

In a big city, frost was playing spoilsport all along the nights.

Many families wanting to make preparation for the upcoming Christmas eve were left rummaging their minds,

That how the hell, could they prepare for Christmas if frost occurs everytime!

They prayed hard to Jesus for help,

But Lord couldn’t do anything.

Everyone felt helpless.

The mornings too were frosty,

But despite the frost, people somehow managed to go to work.

And when they came home,

Frost would not only affect their body, but their minds.

Their physical and mental afflictions would be frozen as tightly as molecules in a solid particle.

Well, at last all the prayers to Jesus came through and just before Christmas eve,

Frost stopped occuring,

And it was indeed a Merry Christmas for all.

But the new year was much more frostier.



Big Wink.

A big wink,

From a small child,

Who wanted a lollipop candy.

His parents wouldn’t buy it for him,

And he kept on asking.

At last he winked and said,-“Ma don’t buy me a candy,

Instead get me a toy car”.

That was enough.

The mother immediately took the child in her arms and straight they went home.

He shouldn’t have asked for the toy car.

Maybe luck would have favoured him,

And his wish for the candy would have come true.