What I Never Thought.

What I never thought,

That the day could be so long.

I never thought,

That like my childhood days,

Ma would give me a glass of milk and say “Today, I got up late so, I couldn’t make any good tiffin, so drink up the glass of milk.”

I never thought,

That my favourite serial would be back on television.

I never thought,

That earning money could be so hard.

Even when one is able, earning a dollop of money is like eating nuts and bolts for breakfast.

What I never thought,

That today,

I would have a sumptuos meal.

What I never thought,

That the sky would be blue again,

Lessening the pain,

To let us revive again.

What I never thought,

That after the sumptuos meal,

Ma would tell me a beautiful story,

In which there wouldn’t be anything which isn’t good and happy.



A Generous Man.

A generous man,

Had a business which wasn’t doing so well.

He started two new endeavours and they did subtely well.

He would donate to schools, charities, missions and to few private groups.

But his contributions came down due to less profitable business in the recent times.

Yet, to give his maximum he started donating from his own income.

This surprised the organizations which used to receive contributions from him.

Till now his business hasn’t recovered much,

Yet he continues his endeavours.

This spirit of his has earned him the title of being a true generous man, but he continues to be humble and hopes to do more for the society.



Ah! The Monotony.

Ah! The monotony,

Has made the day green and

Lights up the night sky.

It has taken a pledge not to evolve,

To dredge on and on,

To make the humanity suffer.

But it doesn’t know the human kind,

Nor does it know God.

God gives chances after chances and

Humanity takes the least of it.

But in breaking the monotony,

Many are there who are expert in it.

Monotony loses the game sorely,

But surfaces again when things get boring.

Overall it is more boring and longer than a test match.



A Dancing Puddle.

A dancing puddle,

In the middle of the street,

Was very happy.

For that day no one had bothered to take a splash in it.

The puddle was happy until the afternoon,

When suddenly a dog came and jumped in it twice.

The puddle felt disheartened,

It couldn’t believe its luck,

But no one disturbed it anymore,

So it remained calm and cool

And the next day the puddle was filled up.