In The Might.

In the might,

People forget themselves,

They forget their origin,

They forget their feeling,

Their happiness,

Their love,

Their mojos.

Only doing wrongs and harbouring the past,

Doesn’t bring any good results. To move ahead you need to bright and feel all happiness and bliss around you.



Superior Music.

Music has been a healing medicine for our souls.

It has been evolving for many eons.

The quality of music has seen downward growth recently.

Superior music has been missing for atleast two decades.

Though a few songs here and there do touch the superior quality but mostly music made are crass.

Most yester songs are of good quality for there was much effort put into making music.

Hope music revives itself for humanity and betterment of music.



Fine Composition.

retro turntable playing vinyl disc in living room

A fine composition,

Written in broken notes,

And was played on a keyboard.

The composition couldn’t be heard,

As the musicians moved on,

But the tune lived on forever,

Hidden in an old diary,

Beckoning to no one.

Not even a soul knew that existed until recently,

And when it was incorporated in a film music,

It was played as an ad-lib,

Gaining much popularity,

In the insides of the music world,

There was much hulaboo,

About who had composed the tune,

And when it was known,

The hitherto musician,

Got much larger gigs,

And success was with him.