Little Jeremy.

Little Jeremy,

Loves his uncle.

His uncle loves him too.

This time he will meet his uncle in Moscow,

Where his father is currently located.

Little Jeremy,

Loves chocolate and ice cream.

And his uncle has brought loads for him.

So, best of luck Jeremy,

Have a nice trip to Moscow.

Do you know who Jeremy’s uncle is?

It’s Joshua, my friend.



Glow Of The Setting Sun.

Glow of the setting sun,

Is cool and calm.

It looks like a big ball of yellow and orange light.

Picking up it’s office bag,

And getting ready to go home.

The glow of the setting sun,

Is spread wide and far,

But it looks like a beautiful rose of a crimson hue.

The glow of the setting sun,

Is warm and all magnificent.

The best thing is,

That you can look directly at it,

Without harming your eyes.

It’s best to watch a sunset at the sea beach.

The glow of the setting sun,

Reminds us that it is time to go home.



Fruit Punch.

Fruit punch O’ fruit punch,

Where had you been?

I had been waiting long for you.

A fruit punch is such a drink which can refresh anybody.

I don’t know what is it made of,

But definitely there are various fruit syrups in it.

Having it, gives a sense of happiness.

The drink itself looks beautiful when served with

A cherry on top.

Fruit punch O’ fruit punch be delicious, flavourful and wonderful as you were always.

Have a glass of fruit punch, refresh yourself and be happy.



A Scenic Beauty.

A scenic beauty is all around.

It’s just outside the town.

A drive takes half an hour,

While you can reach there faster on a bike.

A scenic beauty is breathtaking and beautiful.

There are cows and pastures all around.

The birds, the macaws visit there regularly,

As if they are singing and dancing all around

A scenic beauty,

Is earth’s blessings to human kind.

Be careful to preserve it ,

Or it would vanish away soon.