My Friend Joshua.

I have a friend called Joshua. He tells me that whenever his aunt and uncle come, they give a cool twenty dollars crisp note and a fresh fifty one while they leave. Now around the month of March-April they came to stay at his home. He stays there with his parents and his little sister and a younger brother. His elder sister got married and is currently now in Addis Ababa.

Well Joshua is nineteen years old, goes to college and has a driving license.The garage in their house is big enough to fit in two trucks, but it is completely occupied by his junk, those which he refuses to throw away.

Well, anyway, this time when his uncle and aunt came and they didn’t know where to park their car, as the garage was full of rubbish.So,Joshua told them that, he would park the car on the driveway of the house and asked them to give him the car keys.They did so and went into the house.

Joshua reversed the car out of the second gate of his bungalow and as he drove to the front gate , he saw that his buddy from college was standing at the corner of the road chatting with someone else and as you all know, instead of parking the car in the driveway, he drove straight to his friend and honked loudly to give him a surprise. His friend nearly jumped out of his skin. Joshua got off the car and went on to high-five his friend and his friend was truly cross with him for honking so loudly. So to make up to his friend, he took them in the car to a nearby burger shop and they had a hearty meal.

when they came out of the burger shop, it was surprising for Joshua to see two cops standing by his car and one of them was putting a wheel clamp on his uncle’s car. He went to the officer and said-“Officer this is my car.May I know why, you are putting a wheel clamp on the wheel?”

Officer-“You have committed two traffic offenses. Firstly, you have parked near a no parking sign and secondly (the famous one) the tail lights are on and blinking.”

Joshua-” I couldn’t see the no parking sign officer. As you can see the no parking board is too dusty and dirty and I truly didn’t know about the tail light. Please forgive me this time Or I will be in  serious trouble as this is my uncle’s car”.

Officer-“Were you driving the car?”


Officer-“Then license and papers please.”

Luckily, for Joshua, that day his purse, actually did contain his driving license, as most of the days, he only carries it, whenever he is driving.

Joshua -” Here is my license and the car papers….., let me check” and he rummages through the dashboard and finally finds them.

Joshua-“Here they are officer”and he hands over the papers to the officer.

The Officer checks his license on the police computer and he finds everything in order.

Officer-“All is well.Here, take back your papers.”

Officer-“Here is your ticket for US$ 450. US$250 for no parking and US$200 for the tail lights being on.Pay it by the next seven days or there would be serious trouble.”

Joshua-“But, sir the total amounts to nearly all my annual savings!”

Officer-“Sorry, son can’t help you there.Next time follow the rules properly and carefully”.

The other officer removes the clamp from the wheel and the cops leave.

This time Joshua doesn’t bother about his friends.He simply drives off to his home and parks the car in the driveway.

Next day, with a glum face and nearly all his savings, he pays the fine.

He didn’t tell anyone about this episode, not even his parents.His savings was now relegated to about twenty dollars.

This time when his aunt and uncle were leaving, they gave him a crisp $100 note, but he didn’t thank them as he was still grumpy and as they left his house ,Joshua looked up towards the sky and said-“God, this hundred dollars, cost me four hundred and fifty dollars.Wow.” Saying so and muttering to himself, he went inside to have his breakfast.


Morale of the story-A stitch in time saves nine and always be careful, awake,alert,be serious and obey the rules as and when your hands are at the steering.




A few days back, I had written a post called the “Cop’s Holiday” . In that post I had written about a cop who mans a serious traffic junction and he had gone on holiday.
I was waiting for him and well now he’s back and he has developed a small paunch as well in this short duration, but that hasn’t deterred him from doing his duties well. But this morning the traffic was heavier than usual and a small vehicle dared to not follow his instructions and it came cutting across crossing the lane, completely from an opposite direction.He had warned the driver beforehand to stop, but the driver didn’t listen and without complying to his orders, the vehicle went straight past him and crossed the signal, only to be caught in the mega traffic which was blocking the road ten meters ahead.Next what happened you can imagine well and so can I.


New Travel

Travelling to a new place gives us sheer sense of thrill and joy. Once the bags are packed and journey begins, then the hotch-potch starts.Do we have our tickets with us, are our passports safely there with us, have we taken the cards and cash with us and so on. The list sometimes goes on to be endless. To end means to begin with. So, when you reach a new place, the first thing that you do, is take in the surrounding atmosphere in you. You try and see as much of your surroundings as you can. Time is money and on a short trip it is more valuable than money. You take it in as much as you can.

New travel gives you new energy and helps you get revitalized. That same revitalized memory of the journey will help you to overcome all fatigues of your daily routine. Your daily routine sometimes succumbs under the sheer load or pressure but a new trip whether to a foreign destination or to a new one, will certainly have bearings on your mind. Always look forward to new travel and always remain happy.



Mahakali Caves

Ma and me, we both went for a walk one day as the place to which we had shifted to,was new to us and we were exploring the locality.The locality was Andheri East in the famous city of Mumbai.After walking for about fifteen to twenty minutes we reached the end of the road.There was a small book shop there and we bought an Enid Blyton book from there and Ma after coming out from the shop started reading it then and there.Instead of walking towards our home she started walking in the opposite direction holding the book in one hand and holding my hand in her other hand.There was no traffic on the road as that place was completely secluded.It looked as if we had dropped from the face of the Earth.After reading it for a minute she asked me to hold the book and told me to start reading it as soon as I reached home.Thus,saying so she gave me the book and looked up and was startled by the scenery.On the right hand side was a field and left hand side it was a rocky small hill and looking ahead we both could see caves at the end of the road.No one had told us that there were true and original caves near our home.As it was getting dark we both did a 180 degree turn about and went straight home.Simply sighting the cave from afar had been an adventure for us, straight out an adventure book.When dad came home, we both told him about the caves and he said that they were Mahakali caves, one of the most beautiful caves in India.Immediately,I started pleading to my dad, to take us to the caves.He then promised to take us there the next Sunday. We used to reside at Mahakali Caves Road, didn’t know that such caves existed.
The caves are one of the ancient caves in India. In total there are nineteen caves. All are rock cut.Made from volcanic rock. There are beautiful Buddhist statues,stupas and carvings.It is nearly two thousand years old and the first cave was built in the 1st century or in the “pehli shatabdi” as said in Hindi.
There are writings on the cave walls in the “Pali” dialect.
All this information was given to us by our driver who was a local of that place, residing there for the last thirty years.He was our tour guide also.
We saw only a few of the caves, as there was a sudden downpour and we had to rush back home.We had even planned a picnic there, but that plan was also cancelled. We stayed in that locality for a few months, but never again did we get an opportunity to visit the caves. I still wonder that once upon a time my house was so near to an ancient and historic monument and I still can’t believe it.