Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Love is big,

But don’t search for it,

For if it is then you will feel it.

A mother loves her child unboundedly.

No one has to go around the bush to find it.



A Big Breakfast Of Bananas And Ice Cream.

My friend from the states called me up.He was speaking a bit funnily.Joshua who is now back again in Addis Ababa was being served breakfast by his sister. It was hummus and ice cream.

But Joahua was grumpy about it. He told me -” Who eats ice cream in breakfast? ” He had flatly refused to have ice cream to his sister.In return he got a nice scolding from her as well as a trip to the vegetable market as punishment.

He decided to never say no to his sister’s home made ice cream.



A PrePrinted Letter.

A preprinted letter sent by an old friend of mine reached me few days back. It was a letter of thanks for he was going away for his studies.

I was a bit disappointed to read it for it was nearly meaningless in this current pandemic situation.He had sent it nearly two months back.

With a sloppy face I was keeping the letter in the envelope when something caught my attraction.

It was a small sticker and on it was written “Happy times” and a small note on which he had written – “Forever friends”.

That gesture touched my heart a bit.