The chocolate and its wrapper have changed, but the sentiment remains the same.

A chocolate which has been in the market throughout the generations has stood the test of time and it still remains a favourite with the masses, for it is economic, handy and on each and every celebration it is given to people as a small token of festivity or celebrations.

Now with the time changing rapidly, the quality and taste of the chocolate has changed. The chocolate is stickier, gooier and can be kept in the mouth for a longer period of time. The wrapper of the same chocolate has been given an uplifted look and it is now presented in the market with a very much hi-fi design.

In ma’s childhood days , her uncle used to bring two Cadbury eclairs for her every Sunday.

As a child myself, having two pieces of Cadbury eclairs or anyother would give me the feeling of being a king. I used to pop one chocolate into my mouth    on my way to school or while coming back from school and the other I would share it with ma and baba. Still they wouldn’t get more than half of the chocolate piece.

Sharing chocolates with friends or classmates is anyother thing which brings out few happy moments in each and everyone’s life.

Just imagine the happiness when someone comes to you and offers or gives you two chocolate pieces for it is their birthday or they have come first in the class or it is some very happy occasion for them.

Many a times it would happen that, we would treasure those chocolates as something more precious than any currency. Some classmates would have it during the recess or would have while going back home in the school bus and some of them would come and ask-“ae tere pass ek extra chocolate hai? Tu mujhe ek dega kya?” These line were in Hindi and they translate as-“Do you have an extra chocolate? Will you give me one?”  I would politely tell them no and off they would go to some other fellow to ask for. Though no one would share. Sometimes I think we all used to go to school for such experiences rather than for studying.

The cost has increased, but people still prefer the same. While everything has changed, the sentiment of people regarding it has remained the same. There are many varieties of chocolates available nowadays and the market is flooded with chocolates imported from other countries. Despite all these competitions, it remains number one in the market.

Sometimes old does remain gold.





Lord Jagannath- The Saviour Of All.

jagannath temple.png

Lord Jagannath is a very famous God. Jagannath Puri Temple located in Odisha in India is his temple. Lord Jagannath’s brother Lord Balaram and his sister Goddess Subhadra are worshipped there. Rath yatra which generally takes place in “Ashadha” month and it falls in July-August In Gregorian calendar is celebrated with ecstatic celebrations, very huge funfare and with a supreme level of devotion towards Lord Jagannath. The journey from Jagannath Puri temple to his aunt’s house which includes His stay at the Gundicha temple and then coming back from there is known as Rath yatra.

A big and huge chariot is made by artisans and in it Lord Subhadra sits in the middle with Lord Balaram to her right and Lord Jagannath to her left. Long ropes are attached to the rath i.e. chariot .This rath is pulled by hundreds and hundreds of devotees.

Lord Jagannath,is truly the saviour of all. Without Him, the whole of the universe would be non existent. He is believed to be another avatar or form of Lord Vishnu and Of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna and Lord Jagannath are both one and the same. They are the reincarnation of each other.

Ma had been to Jagannath Puri temple many years back, but I never had the chance.

My salutations to Lord Jaganath, that,he being God Almighty Himself, graces us with His protection and love, so that we are never devoid of Him.

Looking at his eyes, believe in yourself and know that the truth will never remain hidden. Feel His might, His love, His grace and His mercy.

Meditate on His magnificent form, you will find that you are travelling through your past.

The Puri sea is sanctified by the touch of Lord Jagannath. He is the creator and destroyer of everything.

The sea is rich and very rich in it’s ecosystem, in it’s force and Lord Jagannath is manifested here.The heritage and the make of it has a magnificent story. King Indradumnya is the main part of it, which I may tell later, if God graces.

Here is the sea:-

Puri sea.png

Jai Jagannath!



Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram and Goddess Subhadra image courtesy of Hary Das Cuellar – Jaganath Baladeva y Subhadra.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=60403182
Jagannath Temple image courtesy of RJ Rituraj – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28527919
Image of Puri sea is courtesy of Bikash Jain – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26988634
Have You Ever Seen A Himalayan White Yak?

Have You Ever Seen A Himalayan White Yak?

I have. White Yaks are rare and rarely seen animals. White Yaks are generally known as Himalayan white yaks.
We had gone to Shimla for a small sojourn, when our guide decided to take us to a place where there was a tourist park located nearly on the top of the mountain.

A local person was standing there with a Himalayan white yak and the tourists were clicking pictures with it. We had a little walk outside the park and while walking, I kept on looking at the yak and my thought only was -“what was a yak doing over here?” On the other hand they are found in areas which are colder and they are generally based in the Himalayas, so it was not uncommon for the yak to be present there.

After five minutes or so, we went to the small café infront of the park and had tea and samosa.

The dusk was starting to appear at the horizon and the evening sun was yawning as it had to go back home, so we too decided that now we need to go back to our hotel and we all got into the car and before getting in the car, I looked for the yak there, but it was not be seen anywhere.

On the way back to Shimla, at a turn we again met the yak, as it was also going back home.

It is nature’s rule, that wherever you maybe and whatever you may do, by six in the evening you must be back home.



Greenery everywhere (A short view of the green Germany).

Have you ever seen greenery everywhere? Anywhere you look around and all you can see is greens and greens, filled with various trees of different sizes and shapes. Most of the people have seen such greenery in some place or the other at some time in their life.

Most of the countries around the world, have insufficient amount of plantation, greenery and forest cover in their territory.

Germany is a beautiful country.It is well known for tourism, for its history and for its progress in the economic world. But very few people acknowledge the fact that it is also a very green country. Its countryside is full with plantation and vegetation. If you ever get to travel in parts outside the main German cities or in rural Germany by bicycle, bike, car or bus, then you will be able to see lush greenery till the far, upto which your eyes can see. It is a country with beautiful bio-geographical habitation.

Travelling on the roads in the countryside is a memorable experience for anyone who loves natural beauty and nature. It is a country with a very high percentage of forest cover. It nearly reaches the amount of forest cover that a country should have. When I was in school, I had learned that it was nearly twenty-eight percent, but with recent geo-mapping techniques, that ratio has gone up.

If you ever want a change from city life and want to breathe in fresh air and do want to enjoy the country side then Germany is the best place to do so. If you ever visit Germany then make it a point to visit the country side and make the most of it.



Brownie Waffles Layered with Honey, Vanilla Ice Cream and Red Cherry.

close up photography of a red cherry fruit

Brownie waffles are best had and made at home. Outside waffles are also good, but you will rarely find anything with a brownie waffle base except maybe on a few food trucks who specialize in brownie waffles. You will need a waffle maker to make brownie waffle at home and it is common knowledge.

Assuming you have already that delicious and crunchy brownie waffle base.and do make it a bit big, so that you can enjoy it.

Upon that brownie waffle base, add two layers of delicious honey. After that add four big scoops of vanilla ice cream side by side on it.

Garnish it with a red cherry placing each one of them on every vanilla ice cream scoop, making a total of four red cherries placed on four scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Bite into with gusto and have it to your heart’s fill and be happy.

Happy Eating and Adios!