Essence Of Happiness

Essence Of Happiness.

Essence of happiness,

Often rocks and rolls,

Like a beautiful snowball 🔮,

It stands true for all.

Essence of happiness,

Is bright red and green,

Maybe some tinge of maroon and greatness.

Say the beauty is not efficient,

For the core is happy and greatly,


To say yes!,

It’s the happiness we are waiting for



A Workable Ice Cream.

What is a workable ice cream?

Is it an ice cream which can do workouts?

Afterall icecreams cause people to workout in the gyms.

For it is the profession of the ice cream makers,

To make it more creamier.

A workable ice cream,

Must be such a one,

Where people can have sufficient amount of it,

Yet there shouldn’t be much hulaboo about it,

For an workable ice cream is hard to achieve.

Who knows may be in the wonderland of happiness it may be available.


Nutritious Happening Of A Meal.

Nutritious Happening Of A Meal.

Nutritious happening of a meal,

Consists of celery, smoked chicken and honey.

My friend who is quite high up in the strata of power,

Loves it a lot.

He loves this hearty meal

And often sings along

And says “Oh M, my beloved let’s take a dance 💃with beautiful song”.

His beloved replies-“First let us finish our dinner,

Then we shall dance along,

The flute is with its master and the night🌙 is bright and found.

In the dawn of sun, I shall definitely come to you and sing.

For I love you the most, and rest is all in your arms.


A Little Girl's Frock

A Girl And Her Frock.

A little girl,

Aged about 7 years,

Had got a new frock😄.

But her friend too had a new frock.

It was bright pink in colour,

And looking at her friend’s new frock.

She felt sad.

She had felt because her friend had said that the little girl’s frock was not pretty.

She went to her mother,

And with a fallen face,

She said-“Ma is my frock not beautiful?”

Her mother replied-” It is truly beautiful.”

The girl -“Ma my friend has a new frock and she has said that it is not as pretty as hers.”

Her mother -“But I am saying that it is very beautiful. “

These words of her mother’s, brought a smile to her face.

Her mother further said-“Do you know that I have a new gown. I would wear it soon and what if on seeing it your friend’s mother says that my gown is more beautiful than hers?”

The girl😜👧 -“Then Ma, there shall be no one more happier than me, for you are the best of the best.”

And saying so she hugged her mother tightly.