Experience The Happiness.

Experience all the happiness,

Which is true to the being of the core.

To hard work and determination,

To live,

To be the mighty being,

To sing the rhythms out,

To annihilate the bad thoughts out.

Experience the happiness,

See the love

And let others live.



Waiting For The Tram.

man riding on red and beige train

Waiting for the tram,

We saw a bird.

Its beak was blue in colour.

We were surprised.

The bird was unknown to us,

Yet it seemed to ask for few biscuits which I was holding in my hand.

I gave two biscuits to the bird.

The bird flew aeay.

While waiting for the tram,.

We had our meal.

The meal consisted of dosa, chutney and a sweet.

I couldn’t believe my luck, for as soon as we came out of the restaurant, the tram was approaching.

We got into the tram and came back home.



A Beautiful Quote.

A beautiful quote,

To familiarise the mind,

With the beauty of human kind.

That, in each and every human being,

Lies something good, unique and natural.

Not the fancy ones,

But the inspiration which are true to the core.

A beautiful quote,

“Be happy,

Keep on smiling”.

Makes one happy and gentle in their work and life.

It is good to have such inspiration and the sources to inspire around us.