A Beautiful Quote.

A beautiful quote,

To familiarise the mind,

With the beauty of human kind.

That, in each and every human being,

Lies something good, unique and natural.

Not the fancy ones,

But the inspiration which are true to the core.

A beautiful quote,

“Be happy,

Keep on smiling”.

Makes one happy and gentle in their work and life.

It is good to have such inspiration and the sources to inspire around us.




A Good Bit Of Fun.

A good bit of fun,

Is much needed and required.

It cheers up the self and enlightens it.

A good bit of fun,

Is playing a game of ludo,

A game of tic-tac-toe.

A game of singing.

A good bit of fun,

Is shouting aloud with your friends,

Doing hoola hoop.

A good bit of fun,

Is what God has made us for.

For too much fun,

Often ruins the day,

And much less fun,

Makes a person unhappy.

So, do have a good bit of fun,

And be happy.