Being Blissful.

Being blissful is a privilege.

Most people take that if you have money then you are happy in life.

But it is completely wrong.

Having money has nothing to do with bliss.

Being blissful means being able to a breakfast or a cup of tea without worrying about anything.



Waiting For The Tram.

man riding on red and beige train

Waiting for the tram,

We saw a bird.

Its beak was blue in colour.

We were surprised.

The bird was unknown to us,

Yet it seemed to ask for few biscuits which I was holding in my hand.

I gave two biscuits to the bird.

The bird flew aeay.

While waiting for the tram,.

We had our meal.

The meal consisted of dosa, chutney and a sweet.

I couldn’t believe my luck, for as soon as we came out of the restaurant, the tram was approaching.

We got into the tram and came back home.