A Little Happiness.

A little happiness,

On everyone’s mind,

Can bring in a lot of cheer.

Without the falsity of big laughters.

A little hapiness,

Can make life survive,

Despite everything.

Be happy.



A Little Bird Says-

A little bird says-,

“I am flying off to a far away country”.

Let me be free.

I shall send you a postcard from there.

If I find it suitable,

Then I shall settle down there,

And call my family over there.

Now let me be.

I am packing the suitcase.

Oh! My Lord,

I forgot my passport,

In case the officials of bird land,

Ask for it.




A Tong And Its Chapattis.

A tong which fluffs up the chapatti,

Is my favourite.

It’s so because nothing beats butter chicken with hot chapattis.

And the tong, which helps in making it, I keep it with care in the kitchen, for the next day, Maa again makes those beautiful chapattis for me.

Chapattis are truly delicious 😋.