Find The Space

Find the space to expand ,

To rock the spirit with which you live,

Find the spirit,

To be as new as the morning dew.

Find the spirit,

To feel the love.

Find the spirit,

To be.



A Day At The Jetty.

A day at the jetty,

Was full of the sea.

The fishermen and their happenings made the hustle-bustle around it merrier,

And brought in a lot of spree.

A day at the jetty,

Was full of sunlight,

As the sun shined very brightly all across the sky.

A Day at the jetty,

Was full of romance,

For the cranes pursued the fishes,

And the sea gulls took a look around.

A day at the jetty,

Show many boats coming in with their fish load,

And prices were fixed on each cartload.

A day at the jetty,

Was precious and charming,

For the sea and the jetty,

Are ever revolving and forever evolving.



I Rang A Bell.

I rang a bell,

Amd it made a sound.

It didn’t have a trail,

But it went around.

I waited for someone to open the door.

A little boy opened it,

And said-“Sir, my name is Timothy More.

My dad is a policeman, mum’s a doc.

Both of them are out,

So, for what did you knock?”

Before I could answer him,

His dad came back from work,

I said to him-“Good day sir, it’s for you that I did knock”.

The father-“Do I know you sir?”

“No sir”-I replied.”But I know your childhood friend Jonathan.”

The father-“Yes, Jonathan my childhood friend.What’s with him? How is he? Is it for him that you did knock?”

Me -“Indeed sir. Well sir, he is now in an another country and is well.

He gave me this kite of yours which didn’t have a tail and with it he has given a letter and a box of chocolates. “

I gave it to him and tears came to his eyes.

For moments he couldn’t hold himself.

The kite had belonged to his granddad,

And he and his granddad had played with it a lot.

But he had lost it to Jonathan in a match of kite fight.

The kite’s tail got torn as it was stuck in a tree, hence it was a tailless kite.

He hold onto his kite, like a boy holding onto his beloved toy and tears flowed from his eyes and splashed on his uniform.

Timothy came and hugged him,

And asked him-” Dad, what’s the matter?

He replied-“Nothing my dear son.My old friend has just returned my favourite childhood toy.”

I took his their leave and told him that Jonathan would soon visit his own country again and at that time he would definitely meet with them.

Timothy’s father nodded his head and went inside his home with Timothy.



Could You Draw For Me?

Could you draw for me?

That beautiful picture,

Of a baby in his mother’s arm.

Could you draw for me?

Just few minutes after the dawn.

Could you draw for me?

My beautiful maternal grandfather.

Could you draw for me?

The serene, calm and loving face of Mother Mary, holding Lord Jesus in her arms.

Could you draw for me?

That glorious view from the mountain top.

Could you draw for me?

Anything which is as illustrous as one’s own self.

If you can, then please let me know,

For I shall be waiting for you.



The Sun Came Down.

The sun came down.

With its light upon upon all.

There was light all over the horizon,

And it was very blissful,

Like a lullaby,

Sang by mothers all over the world.

The sun came down.

The man selling cubanoes,

Set up his truck.

And like a good businessman,

Made the best of all.

The sun came down,

And the children who were playing,

Decided to go back home.

As it was time for their studies.

The sun came down,

And went back to his home,

To sleep in his mother’s lap.

But before that he made a dune,

On which he etched,

With best wishes,

From Mr.Sun.