Happy In Thoughts.

Happy in thoughts,

Happy in mind,

It is bliss which is growing,

Like the evergreen sunshine.

It is magic of the creator,

Of his love.

It is nature’s beauty as is his glory.



Happiness Comes From Mind.

food snack popcorn movie theater

Happiness, the source of light against all misery and miserable ness comes from the mind.

If you are happy, despite having tight and heavy constipation, then it could be said that even in such darkness, the ever glowing universal light has enlightened your mind or you have truly understood that being sad would only increase the monotony, sadness and the wait behind constipation.

Similarly, in many fronts of life such things do happen and happiness is the only substance with dough to completely diminish sadness.



Voyager’s Route.

person with toy airplane on world map

A voyager who won a lottery couldn’t believe his luck. Thanking God, he set upon his journey.

He spent few of his days in Australia proceeding towards Bhutan.

From there he went to Hong Kong.

Three months on the voyage he was tired, so returned home for rest.

He went further to four European countries in search of nothing yet he came back enriched with a permanent job.

That was his great achievement and he would soon be going to Russia and Turkey as his job entails him travelling to both the countries.He is full of excitement and glee and his journey would continue.



The Sprawling Garden.

red flower fields

The sprawling garden,

Made by a man of great repute,

Who lived with God.

But the garden was magical and had more than four hundred flowers and seven hundred trees.My friend who is now a biggie manages it and keeps all the things in it in check.

The man who made the garden has made more than hundred gardens but none are like this one.

As I have written before soon we (Ma, Baba and me) shall be visiting it.