Four Friends Together.

Four ladies who were friends together went to buy plants for their household.

Soon they reached a plant and decorations shop.

After a lot of selection,

They each fixed on a plant each.

As usual they felt thirsty,

And had soft drinks with chips and fries,

At a restaurant.

After that they proceded to do some shopping

And ended up watching a movie.

But the thing was,

After the mini refreshments,

They all forgot about the plants.

When they reached their cars-“They all exclaimed Oh! my God! Our plants!”

The plants could hardly exclaim-“Oh!You all remembered!.”

They were feeling left alone. Whether you roam about in a mall or a paradise,

What do the plants care for?

As long as they get sunshine and their daily dose of water.



Orange Juice.

Orange juice,

Full of vitamin C,

Can be sweetened up,

By adding a bit of sugar.

But most of the times it tastes “Bah!”,

There are many people who are choosy

And they like to have only pure and refined orange juice.

It is as if they are having refined cooking oil.

On the other hand,

Orange juice tastes great,

Those who miss out on it,

Are the sufferers.

Tbough above I have written that it tastes ” Bah”,

Orange juice is a healthy and refreshing drink,

And it only needs the capacity to be taken in.



The Road Down My Window.

The road down my window,

Is a major junction.

It connects three roads,

One of which joins adjacently,

With one of the main roads of the city.

The road down my window,

Is continuously bustling with traffic,

Incessant honking,

Siren sounds,

And whatnot.

To boost up their business,

A tea stall,

A flower shop and a garage has opened up,

At the corner where the three roads meet.

All that I can say is that,

That the road is always busy.

Before the pandemic,

There used to be heavier traffic.



Frostful Nights And Eh…….Mornings Too.

white feathers illustration

At a night in winter time,

In a big city, frost was playing spoilsport all along the nights.

Many families wanting to make preparation for the upcoming Christmas eve were left rummaging their minds,

That how the hell, could they prepare for Christmas if frost occurs everytime!

They prayed hard to Jesus for help,

But Lord couldn’t do anything.

Everyone felt helpless.

The mornings too were frosty,

But despite the frost, people somehow managed to go to work.

And when they came home,

Frost would not only affect their body, but their minds.

Their physical and mental afflictions would be frozen as tightly as molecules in a solid particle.

Well, at last all the prayers to Jesus came through and just before Christmas eve,

Frost stopped occuring,

And it was indeed a Merry Christmas for all.

But the new year was much more frostier.



A Tin Of Sardines.

A tin of sardines bought with much gusto,

In a bid to try out the packed sardines.

To tell you the truth,

It wasn’t so great,

As the sardines were bit old,

And we don’t have much of it (as a staple food),

So it wasn’t a big hulaboo.

But we had Hilsa fish,

The next day,

And that dish we enjoyed a lot,

Hilsa fish prepared with mustard,

Tastes excellently wonderful.

Do have it once.