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Workplace is a place which should be divine. Divinity often means, that you worship, do the best of the best. But workplace doesn’t turn out to be divine.

The atmosphere, the temperaments, the less pays doesn’t make it divine, but on the other hand it turns out to be hell most of the time.

Workplace should be place where people can work in harmony, bliss and with very true and honest truth.

So, keep your workplace good and nice and be happy.



A Plate Of Cream Filled Cake.

A plate of cream filled cake, has a great adventure revolving around it.

For the cake shop was located in a locality where we had least expected it and it turned out to be a grand cake shop.

Cakes simply filled the front, side, back and all the shelves available in the store.

But what struck me, was that the shop was full of cup cakes.

Finally, we ordered a plate of cream filled cake, meaning two extra layers of cream had been filled in it with an humoungous amount being added on the top.

We were really hungry, so we gobbled it down and returned home after having the marvellous cake.

Not everyday do we have a plate of cream filled cake now, do we?



Being Blissful.

Being blissful is a privilege.

Most people take that if you have money then you are happy in life.

But it is completely wrong.

Having money has nothing to do with bliss.

Being blissful means being able to a breakfast or a cup of tea without worrying about anything.


Having A Cup Of God Given Tea.

Beautiful Morning Tea.

The Beautiful Morning Tea.

A cup of the beautiful morning tea,

Fills my cup and day with happiness,

Which is so fulfilling that it keeps me happy throughout the day.

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