If You Are Happy.

If you are happy,

Be more happier.

Play and play till you are tired.

It’s great to be happy but it’s happier if you simply can smile and be more playful.



Happy Days.

Happy days,

Mighty and big,

Come in everyone’s life,

Without any trick.

Happy days,

True and free,

Come with freedom,

That we are to be.

Happy days,

Lighted with diyas,

Make for more blissfull times,

As all the beautiful sights are near and dear.

Happy days,

Made for us,

Were by a special friend,

Who is and will be,

Let it be unknown.



A Beautiful Quote.

A beautiful quote,

To familiarise the mind,

With the beauty of human kind.

That, in each and every human being,

Lies something good, unique and natural.

Not the fancy ones,

But the inspiration which are true to the core.

A beautiful quote,

“Be happy,

Keep on smiling”.

Makes one happy and gentle in their work and life.

It is good to have such inspiration and the sources to inspire around us.




The Unbearable Pain ( Poetry).

The unbearable pain,

Seems to lessen.

But, I don’t know why?

It takes so much time to heal,

As if, it is a reminder of the pain itself.

But wonder of wonders,

The drizzle of the first rain,

Can wipe many a tear,

And with it love blossoms.

The unbearable pain,

Dismisses itself for a longer time.

It is happiness which rains,

That’s what the beauty of it is.