The Bald Man.

The bald man,

Is an absolute bullshit.

He does nothing and diminishes everything that we have.

He helps his near and dear ones who have helped him be successful

And have revived his society through their excellent progeny.

He makes life for those who have the beneficiary of being his wife’s personal favourites,

But in reality he is a big traitor just like his father and bigger brother.

The bald man is simply just short of being a curse on us

And truly I hope that he undoes what he has done to us.



A Fork To A Spoon.

A fork to a spoon -“Let’s play football.”

The spoon-” But I can’t play for more than an hour as I have an online class to attend.”

They started the game and the time passed away like sand flowing away from one’s hand.

Two hours passed by.Their football match was still going on when Fork’s father came and caught him by the ears and made him spent the whole evening studying maths and physics.All the while he was monitoring his progress and atlast Fork was saved due to the timely intervention from his mother.

The next month Fork didn’t go out to play due to the fear of missing his online 8classes and in turn getting caught by his father.

His grades improved by twenty percent and his mother gifted him a toy bike, but his father demanded that his grades must go up by fifteen percent more.

Fork promised to do that.

In the meanwhile, spoon was being roasted by his father for scoring less marks than the first term.Spoon was having a hard time trying to make him understand that he would do better the next time.

Such was the irony.If only he had studied more and more.

curcuma powder on tablespoon and spilled on black surface