A Glowing Radiance.

A glowing radiance,

Made me ask my little cousin brother,

That what was it of?

He said that the glowing radiance,

Was of his happiness,

That his mother would buy a new football for him,

⚽😇 Of his favourite football team,

On his upcoming birthday.🎂



A Regular Football😄⚽ Match.

A regular football ⚽ match,

Now is held every weekend,

As the cold is on its prowl.

But the children don’t miss,

Their regular matches,

As they play football with their mates,

On their mobile phones,

And whichever team wins,

Gets a party from the other team,

The next week.



A Big Football Club.

A big Football club,

Tries to gather a lot of fans,

Through tickets, freebies and what not,

But they are not successful.

They even get the stars to rock and roll,

That too fails,

Then their budget falls short.

Atlast after tough making decisions,

They say “Lets work hard,

And practice and practice and we must give our best.”

Slowly, they won their base of fans back,

Though few gaps remained,

But they were worked upon,

And achievement was theirs.

But it didn’t come fast enough.

Nevertheless, it did.

Cheers for the big football club.



The Small Boy And His Father.

The Small boy and his father,

Would travel here and there.

It was there to go out on a conquest,

But they were poor.

They would visit circuses,

Visit all places of local interest.

In their dreams,

They conquered all,

The father was the king,

And the little boy a champion of football.

They were indeed poor,

But not of mind.

Soon they reached their zenith,

When God took them in his hands,

And he kept with him forever and ever.