When going on a journey

A journey sometimes becomes a milestone in a person’s life. It has been seen as a life changer, game changer and as well as a time changer.


Road trips are a fascination among all; especially among older men (men above forty) and younger boys. The freedom which a road trip gives cannot be compared with anything else and if it is on a bike then brooom, broooom brooom and broooooom. Off goes the machine.

Road trip on bike

Road trips on bike from Mussorie to Nainital or Dehradun are a hit with bikers and so is interstate biking i.e. going from one state to the other especially in the night.They go there as those places give them solace as well as the mountain way offer them a serene experience which filled with peace, fun and uniqueness. Many people go to these places impromptu, which sometimes causes slight problem here and there. For example tyre puncture, tube puncture, not having enough money or clothes for the trip, not knowing the way, etc.

I am including a list of things for a better and superior bike or two wheeler ride. They   are:-

1. Check whether the bike is in good condition or not. Have a small test drive in an area near your home.

2. Check the speedometer and the other gauges in the bike as well.

3. Get servicing of the bike done by a certified and reliable mechanic as there are many so called mechanics who are not well versed with the trades of their job.

4. Carry an extra tyre and a small repair tool kit.

5. Select a handy backpack and pack two set of clothes, a water bottle, toilet kit, few eatables such as chocolate bars, chips, packets of various nuts such as almonds and pistachios which are healthy energy refreshers.

6. Make sure you have the proper documentation of your bike and an extra set xeroxed with you. Major documents required are self and bike insurance cards,driving license, bike registration papers, your respective country issued identity cards(passport,aadhaar card,pan card, voter id card).

7. Don’t forget to take money with you and your debit and credit cards. Many bikers go on long ten to twelve hours journey and they forget to take substantial amount of money with them.

8.Your mobile should be fully charged and do carry an power bank or an extra battery with you.

9.Now different apps are available which maps, restaurants, hotels etc,. Download such apps which may help in your small or long journey. Carry goggles and cool wipes.

10.Before going for a long journey, have a check up with your doctor. The spine especially must be checked as it is the part which gets most affected from long traveling and causes a lot of trouble afterwards. Care should be taken that spine remains fine. As much as possible drive at a moderate speed

Last but not the least HELMET for you and your co-passenger is a must, drive safely, take care of the safety of your co-passenger and follow the traffic rules and abide by and don’t take any rash decisions.

Check the speed and the urge for speeding.

Happy Journey.