Love The Coriander.

Coriander, the old and trusted little herb,

Adds magnificent taste to the palate.

It brings out the hidden aroma,

And adds new taste to the food.

It is a herb,

Which acts like magic.

Any food dish which doesn’t taste well,

Can be made better by adding or garsnishing the dish with coriander.

It’s green colour gives a soothing texture to the dish,

And it looks good too.

Thus, do love coriander.




Let’s Go Laughing.

Let’s go laughing,

The creator is in his charm.

The mood is happy🐣😃,

And beautiful are the songs.

Let’s go laughing,

As the sun is up,

And the work is down,

The chores are long,

And the wind is flowing along.

Let’s go laughing,

For the time is unbound,

And it is best to be happy,

Or you can dance,

To be merry all along.



A Little Boy Walking Down The Road.

A little boy walking down the road,

Saw something glittering.

It was a coin.

He picked it up,

And wiped it down.

He kept the coin in his pocket.

From a shop near by his home,

He bought four toffees.

One for himself,

One for his mother,

One for his father,

And the last one for his friend,

Lord God.



A Little Chirping Bird.


A little chirping bird 🐦🐥,

Going on chirp, chirp and chirp.

Wants a piece of freshly made bread.

Till the time it is given the bread,

The bird would go on chirping.

And when the bread is given to it,

It would quietly nibble it and eat the best portion of it.

And off it would fly away to its destination.