A Round Basket.

A round basket full of oranges and apples,

For a child aged four.

She loves her parents and they love her a lot.

They are her inspiration,

And she is theirs.

She two more friends who are permanently with her and they love her more than their own selves.

It Is the biggest Lord’s beautiful play.



It’s The Thought Which Matters.

It’s the thought which matters the most as,

The goodness rises out of us,

As we go ahead,

As we earn,

As we strive,

For days are passing by inspite of us trying to learn.

Enemies are many who do spy,

Who do wrong,

But there’s always a chance to win,

So its a fight between right and wrong,

Thus it’s the thought which matters for good thoughts always bring good results and bad thoughts lead to disasters.



A Sizzling Hot Plate Of Pasta.

A sizzling plate of pasta,

Made with white sauce fills one’s plate with so much fun that enjoying it makes it more palatable than anything else.

Pasta with white sauce is a common feature nowadays but most of them don’t reach mark.

They either taste bland or watery.

Making the pasta in proportion with the white sauce while maintaining the taste is of utmost importance.

Have a plate of sizzling hot pasta with white sauce and see if you feel better.