Skills are in born.

But they can be honed.

They are great in demand.

For they can change the world.

They can change the outlook of the company,

They can change the outlook of a viewer,

Of a buyer,

Of a seller,

And of everyone interested.

Skill is what employs a person.

A sculptor sculpts,

And as his skill keeps on increasing,

His works also reflect it.

The more he sharpens it,

The much better he gets at sculpting.

Skill makes a batsman win the game for his country.

Everyone is skilled in something or the other.

It depends on their honesty, hardwork, talent and dedication,

That too which level will they take their skill to.

Skills are God-gifts to each and every soul,

But most choose to ignore it or avoid it.

And those who hone it,

Go ahead in their lives.




Heard it?

Yes or no?

That big thing,

Which everyone was talking about?

It caused much hullaboo.

There were great discussions on it.

But now that thing has passed.

So, it doesn’t matter much.

It is been forgotten.

But have you heard the latest?

This has happened and that has happened.

And what not has happened.

And the things which need to heard,

Have not been heard,

So, they won’t be forgotten,

For who has heard them?