A Green Lollipop.

A new lollipop,

Made in new flavours,

Costs rupees eight.

As gifts for children,

They do suit well and even adults keep on eating lollipops while going for work or while working on a laptop or computer.

I had bought three green lollipops for me, Ma and Baba.

The next time I shall buy more for the lollipops do taste excellent.



Getting A Can Of Milk.

Getting a can of milk,

Is a word of dreams,

Gone are those days when people would buy milk and churn butter and other dairy products out of milk.

Today, two packets of milk daily is enough for a household.

Even milk sellers don’t keep a can of milk with them.They refrigerate packets of milk and sell them.

There were times when the work of fetching milk was considered pious, important and lucky.

These days availing milk is as easy as yawning.

Milk is just a phone call away.

And in the recent times getting milk which wasn’t doubled the regular price was quite difficult.

So, That’s has been lesson, when getting few basic commodities too were difficult.

If you can then do buy a can of milk and feel the happiness of it.

That’s it folks.



A Sunday And Chips.

A Sunday is a day,

Which is a nearly a global holiday.

People sleep on till long periods of time and act like couch potatoes.

Waking up time is nothing less than twelve in the afternoon.

The whole day goes in slumber and grumbling.

Televisions are watched and video games are played.

In the meanwhile, chips are munched like a goat who eats up grass. The next day these folks act as sleepy automatons.

A Sunday is a day which should be used for exercising peace and calm, but seldom it is done so.



What I Never Thought.

What I never thought,

That the day could be so long.

I never thought,

That like my childhood days,

Ma would give me a glass of milk and say “Today, I got up late so, I couldn’t make any good tiffin, so drink up the glass of milk.”

I never thought,

That my favourite serial would be back on television.

I never thought,

That earning money could be so hard.

Even when one is able, earning a dollop of money is like eating nuts and bolts for breakfast.

What I never thought,

That today,

I would have a sumptuos meal.

What I never thought,

That the sky would be blue again,

Lessening the pain,

To let us revive again.

What I never thought,

That after the sumptuos meal,

Ma would tell me a beautiful story,

In which there wouldn’t be anything which isn’t good and happy.