I Know It.

close up portrait of lion

I know it,

I shall win.

Nothing can stop me,

For I have been born to win.

It isn’t my over confidence speaking

It’s my faith, my belief and my perseverance through which I speak,

For before the game began,

I had already won.



Things Which Are New.

Doodle, Cartoon, Drawn, Food, Sweet

Things which are new,

Are beholden in the new light.

They are liked, loved,cherished and nourished.

Things which are old,

Need no love to be yours,

For they know you and are receptive towards your feelings.

Be it love,

be it a notion,

Something new is always a passion.

While old is gold

And it is truly said so.

Love is eternal and it is evergreen.

It is the only treasure which remains hidden and unseen.

That’s all for the day.



Food And Superior Happiness.

Food and superior happiness go hand in hand.

Food being the superior force of energy for the soul and energy drives us to do all good work which ensures our well being and happiness.

Tasty food gives us the zing and the flavours enrich our minds to work and function even better.

Food is the divine source of happiness and better the food; magnificent is your life.