In A New Design.

photography of tomatoes near basil leaves

In a new design,

The games are new,

With candles and laughter,

Winning is of utmost importance,

With God’s grace,

The ultimate goal is winning and being happy.



A Design Which Flew.


A design which flew,

Millions and milliotns of miles,

To a place called “Goolitogu”.

As it imagined that life would be most safe and secure over there.

The design went and settled there,

Well it was wrong.

There were many who knew about it and would often come and disturb it.

So, it flew again,

To a wonderful place called Starlington.

There it met another design and they lived happily ever after as best friends,

And they were disturbed by none at all.

In their celebration, my friend Lark,

Had a huge cake,

And has called us for dinner at his home,

But he doesn’t know that an excellent surprise is waiting for him.

The surprise is unknown,

So shhhhhh.