A Fierce Friend., Poetry

A Fierce Friend.

A fierce friend,

A fierce friend,

Came to my home.

He was concerned for us,

And asked how the things were going.

I replied-“ It is going as it is being made to go.”

He smiled and said-“I know that too.”

I was surprised-“You do?”

He-“Yes. That’s why I came.”

He hugged me tightly and said-“Never worry my friend.

I am always there for you.”

He was none other than God.



The Incognito Man.

The incognito man would go everywhere,

And watch opera, theatre, acts.

 He would spend much of his day doing this and that.

The incognito man,

Would write letters of his appreciation,

To all his beloved people,

Yet they wouldn’t know who he was.

Was he a philanthropist?

Or a doctor?

Why would a person spend a big period of his time doing this and that?

Well who knows?

Maybe he is a common man.

But incognito man,

Maintained his role,

When one day a theatre artist discovered who he was.

He was a man of who was all alone,

Yet he believed that the whole world was his friend.

The incognito man,

And became well known,

But not as the incognito man,

But as a man of the world.



In The Same Way.

In the same way,

The sun rises.

In the same way,

A person sings.

In the same way,

A ball rolls.

In the same way,

A time plays.

In the same way,

A tune plays.

In the same way,

Time goes.

In the same way,

Artists draw.

In the same way,

People play.

In the same way,

A doctor treats.

In the same way,

The universe moves.

In the same way,

Our friend Lark loves us,

And we love him.



How Did You Get So Long?

How did you get so long?

Were you washed with a special dergent?

Or given a pull and twist washing?

I have shrunken a bit.

Well, any way I am an old mattress,

While you are a fine carpet.

Tried so many times I have,

Yet I couldn’t grow an inch longer.

And yet you have grown nearly three inches long ,

And you are now more strong.

But my friend, dearest carpet,

Whether you grow long or short,

Whether you lose your fibres or not,

I shall remain your friend,

Always and forever,

And it’s my firm belief,

That you too shall remain my bestie,

Without any condition,

As best friends do,

So shall us.