The Sparrow Flew Away.

The sparrow flew away,

To it’s nest.

It had brought food for it’s children,

And took a little rest,

In a nook.

The sparrow flew away,

Went in search to bring happiness and delight,

For it’s little children,

Bought a small red ribbon,

And big cutting of a soft cloth.

It covered it’s babies,

With the soft cloth,

And made it’s little one’s happy and merry.

This time the sparrow didn’t fly away,

Instead, it was very happy,

That the day was successful, brilliant and happy.



God’s Power.

God’s power is infinite. There is no limit to it.Be it happiness, be it food, be it anything that you want in life, it is in God’s power to give it to you.

But the question that arises is whether you are there to receive it or not and whether it is good or not for you.

There are many factors which go into the decision making. Plus, God is God. He is not a common thing. He is above all. He is all in all.

God has the power to heal. The power to manifest. All the powers that all crave for are with him.

God isn’t bound by his power, but by love. Only true love can reach him. A mother’s love, a father’s love, a truly married couple’s love and God’s love can reach to the core of one’s heart.

God’s power is magnanimous, huge but it is only and only love.

It takes sometime to settle down, but it is what it is.



The Most Pleased.

The most pleased is the man,

Who is always happy.

The most pleased is the boy,

Who doesn’t have to study for any tests.

Most pleased,

Is the dog,

Who always has biscuits and bones for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most pleased,

Is God when he sees,

That his children are trying to do the best in this world of mud and slime.

Most pleased,

Is one’s self,

Which when happy,

Syncs with the his/her own inner core,

Achieves the best.



The Happiness Of Seeing A Happy Face.

A happy face, often brings a smile to everyone’s face. After a day of being squeezed by your boss at one’s office, a person feels that there is nothing left in his/her body. Some become so sad, that upon hearing a funny joke, they start crying, thinking that what the hell would they do in the office the next day.

In an evening crowded bus, whose passengers are over bearing, over-weight, not happy, office or factory workers. If you ever see such a bus, avoid it, for the people in there are so monotonous, sad, that it is better to travel in a bullock cart, than in such a bus.

There are scores and scores of people who go through such monotony, boring and sadistic life.

So, in short, majority of the people spend such lives.

But such is the functioning of human nature, that even when tired to the innermost core, they will smile upon seeing a baby smiling or laughing. A person who is genuinely happy, will not need to show it with a fake smile.

I will tell you a true example. In a restaurant, the waiters who await customers, move about in such a manner, that one may feel that they are mechanized robots.

They would greet you, provide you the menu, pour water in the glasses and even keep watch over, that whether you need something or not. Most of the waiters whom I have seen have two great qualities and that is to be lost in their own world and to be able read people.

When they are lost in their own world, it seems as if someone has told them that won’t be getting any tips for ten days or a month. In between such flowery thoughts, if they see anybody smiling, or anyone who is happy, automatically forgetting their sadness, worries, thoughts about extra tips all go vamos and a sweet smile plays out on their face.

Happiness and a happy face has a magic of its own. It isn’t based on any sorcery, prayers, lust or a bright future thought. It simply is. It is of the present and it is incomparable.

Be happy always.