Under The Sun.

Under the sun,

Sat Robin,

Writing a poem.

It took him an hour to complete it.

It was dedicated to his brother,

Who was away,

Studying in college.

He was Robin’s best friend,

But now he missed him a lot.

It was times with him,

Which made him the happiest,

And through his poem,

Which he would send to his brother,

He would ask him to come home soon.



The Proudest.

The proudest of all,

Is the mother peacock.

As her children are with her,

They eat,

They dance,

And they make her truly happy.

And everyday,

Her dance beats,

Are in sync with her soul’s feelings,

As it is rare that animals,

Get their share of happiness.

But the mother peacock is the proudest of all.



In The World Of Hope.

In the world of hope,

Where everything is red, blue, green.

The colours are truly appreciated.

Where love is forever golden and eternal,

And people are always happy.

In the world of hope,

Bliss isn’t a luxury,

And sadness a far away journey.

In the world of hope,

God Is found in people’s heart,

And his light falls upon all.

In the world of hope,

Lies many lessons,

From which,

We all can learn.



A Dream Wish.

Dreams have been a part of our lives since childhood.Seeing a good or nice dream often keeps us elevated throughout the day.

Many dream that they have become what they want to be.

A boy dreamt that he had become a doctor, but his wish was to be a historian.He loved history,and his daydreams consisted of him being a scholar of history and his ultimate goal was to become a legend in that field.

Atlast he ended up becoming a well known historian.Legendship in that field is still a far away journey for him,but he is contented and happy and mostly of all he truly loves history as a subject and in its aspects which connects one’s present to the past.

His true wish which was his dream came true and the path upon which he is traversing will lead him to success.