A Man Of High Position.

A man truly of a high position,

Sent me a letter.

He wrote that I should do what needs to be done by me.

But he simply didn’t stop there.

He followed up on the matter and didn’t leave it there as a mere display and writings of a few words.

Though in a position which is beyond coveting,

The man was who he was before becoming a big honcho of the big honchos out there.

Few days back he wrote to me-“I will check on your progress soon.”

Who knows maybe he is God after all.

For the Lord truly cares aboit his children.



The Dance By A Boy.

The dance by a boy,

Aged about sixteen years,

Became internationally famous.

Due to the sudden fame,

His studies suffered,

Yet he gained more skills in the field of dance.

After a few years,

His workload was severely less,

When he decided to pursue his studies and soon enrolled himself in a degree program.

But as usual,

Dance was his passion, so he joined a dance school.

At the dance school everyone was in awe of him,

But he wanted to learn more and more.

This passion of his, kept him going and soon he landed an assignment in Hollywood and in less than a year he was able to buy a house in one of the posh areas in home town.

Yet he didn’t give up his passion.

For him nothing existed than dancing.

It is a story of perseverance, hard work and dedication.



While In Fairyland.

While in fairyland, I, Ma and Baba met a little boy.He was collecting fruits for his mother who was ill. He needed few berries and few leaves. But he seemed lost.Soon a garden fairy came down to help him and he was extremely happy to receive the timely help. The garden fairy helped him reach his home and she administered the berries and the leaf juice to his mother. His mother seemed better at first and with the fairy’s help she started recovering but soon the fairy realized that she wouldn’t be much better and she needed help from the big fairy doctor. She called him up and within ten minutes he arrived.

Seeing her condition he started humming a few words and then started singing a song.

The little boy’s mother started recovering like butter melting on a pan.

She herself was startled and couldn’t believe her eyes. The big fairy doctor smiled with a twinkle in his eyes and vanished.The garden fairy also took her leave and promised to visit the child again.

And thus it was a happy ending.