Word Emphasis.

Emphasis on a word,

When layed,

Means that the word is important,

Or its meaning is to be focused upon.

Word emphasis,

Has been a part of school curriculum,

Even in higher classes,

Students mispronounce many words,

Especially the tougher and newer ones.

Onomatopoeia is an example.

Word emphasis

And so it is.



Some People.

Some people,

Who call themselves big in life,

Are mostly not.

They say they eat pizza for lunch and burgers for dinner,

But they don’t.

Some people,

Now new,

Feel that they are old.

Some people,

Protest that they aren’t old,

But they truly are.

Some people,

Need flowers to be happy.

Some need cars

And some need love.

Very few think about what their self wants.



A Laughter Which Rocks.

A laughter which rocks,

Seeks no basis to work.

It is always happy,

Making people go around with cheers.

A laughter which rocks,

Achieves its bonus by making a child roll about with bouts of laughter.

A laughter which rocks,

Is a God gifted boon,

Maybe one day,

It will make you tickle,

To your inner most core,

With the blessings to laugh more and more.



The Road.

The road I am traversing is very tough.

I am tired and desperate.

But with God’s grace,

It is pleasant with experiences.

With all these sufferings,

Won’t you be happy,

With a plate of home cooked food?

Won’t you be happy,

If you get an answer of a puzzle?

Won’t you be happy,

If you see flowers swaying with bliss?

Yes of course!

You or we have to be happy, because humans want to leave long and long and long.

To find our answers. Or maybe atlast to say “I am God” and

Then the search is over and only bliss.

The road is tough,

That I am traversing and I am tough too.

Hope you enjoy my endeavour.