The Following Letter.

The following letter,

I will post you a reply,

In the meanwhile,

Spread happiness,

Write to some more of our friends,

And do visit us.

Awaiting your reply,

Your dearest friend.



Did You Have A Good Sleep?

Did you have a good sleep?

Was it peaceful?

Or did it keep you turning and churning?

Before your sleep,

Did you pray to God?

Praying often helps in getting a peaceful sleep.

Do say a prayer to the Lord,

And enjoy a nice and beautiful sleep.

Who knows, even the angels might visit you!

And if you slumber, then don’t blame him,

For you asked for it.



But Now.

But now, let it be.

But now, let us fly.

But now, its all good.

But now, it won’t be dry.

But now, it’s happening.

But now, it’s all.

But now, is the moment,

When we wouldn’t fall.

But now, lets be happy.

But now, let us all sing.

For the moment is to be cherished forever,

Like a hummingbird in the sky.



Syncing With Me.

Sync with me,

Dance with me.

Be my rhythm,

Stay with me.

Be my song,

Be my guest,

Do not worry,

I will do the rest.

Be my friend,

Be my happiness,

As for life,

We will jest and rest and give our best.

We will win the world,

And come out of the nest,

For we are brothers,

Who can’t be separated for the very best.