From The Corner Of The Earth.

From the corner of the earth,

My friend,

Sir Lark,

Called me out.

Said-“My friend, I am here.

It’s all well and good.”

I replied-“How are you my old friend?

Did you have doughnuts for breakfast this morning?”

He simply chuckled and said-“Are you kidding me?

I am the doughnut man. Anytime.Everytime.”

I asked him to send some cinnamon doughnuts over to us.

He said-“Already done. I have opened a new shop near my home.Are you all coming?

 Or shall I come?”

I replied-“I don’t know the way. Come and pick us up.”

He said-“I will.”



A Silver Wrapper.

A silver wrapper,

Is a precious gift.

From a small chocolate,

Which it had wrapped.

Unbelievably small,

Yet Ma made a beautiful butterfly out of it.

It had wings.

I was in wonder.

I tried to make one,

The final product was a gross work.

To make it finely I needed to hone my talent.

But Ma’s butterfly was wonderful.

I wished that it’s wings would flap,

And it would go around the room.

I have kept it with me.

In my dreams that following night,

I saw that God had given it life,

And it was going all over the fairy world.




Courage is a quality which very few have. With determination anything can be achieved. But courage is another thing.

In any adverse situation, the ability to buck up and fight back is courage.

For example:- a child knows that his parents are not able to pay for his school fees. If they do so, they would have to cut down on food, they would have to buy second hand uniforms and books and the child has to struggle a lot.

But the child knowing all of these, doesn’t care a bit and wants to go to school. He goes to school,learns the subject and undergoes a good amount hardship, simply to tally up between his home and school.

That definitely is courage.

To speak up against evil is courage.




Consciousness means world. Surprising isn’t it. Whatever you are conscious of, you are aware of.

If you aren’t, then it all means zilch-zero.

Consciousness entombs the fragrance of a beautiful rose, the sight of the bright sun, the aroma of an excellent food item.

It has the whole world in your sphere.

It is basically a way of seeing the world, in the way it is shown.

While making a pastry, you can’t see the cohesion of the ingredients but it is happening.

So, it isn’t a part pf your consciousness, yet it is. For when the pastry sets together and is fully prepared, then only you can have it. So, your consciousness is aware that the pastry is made and it is ready for consumption but you can’t see the inner micro details of each and every molecule of the pastry.

That’s a common place where consciousness can’t reach directly. It can if you take a tiny piece of that pastry and place it under a high power microscope, you would be able to see the finer details of it.

Your gastric system is supposed to be running up and fine. The moment it gives away, you have to run to the toilet, to………………………. So, till that of giving away, you were conscious that all was well, yet it happened. Maybe too much oily food or some stale left over food from the refrigerator.

However,that’s what consciousness is. It is very limited, yet superfine, yet unaware of most things and specifically of the beautiful things existent in this world.