If You Haven’t Seen My Honesty……

If you haven’t seen my honesty then please do not cry.

Sing, play and laugh.

But still don’t cry.

Be happy and please think of my truth,

For honesty is my jewel,

Which shall keep me truthful, jiggling, excelling and honest.

If you can’t do any of these things, then atleast be happy!



Little Tomato Pies.

Little tomato pies,

Baked by a baker,

Were kept on display.

The baker had made ten pieces of it

And eight pieces got sold.

They each got excellent reviews

And what made him most happy,

When he made fresh tomato pies for his son,

He loved it a lot,

And gave his mother and father a lot of kisses.



My Wrong Desires.


My wrong desires are,

To have unlimited fun.

To have burgers 🍔 nonstop.

Playing cricket nonstop.

Watching television for more than 10 hours,

Getting wet in the rain.

Playing fighting games.

Reading detective books.

Having more and more ice creams.

Reading without putting on spectacles.

I wish to fly an aeroplane and wave my hands, so that my mother can watch from the balcony.

The list goes on.

Does any one of these wrong desires, match with your desires?