A Big Title.

A big title,


Would leave everyone astonished.

They kept on staring at it with their mouths wide opened.

When asked to the owners of the title,

They would reply it is home made.

What is a home made title?

And their answer was a title which would make us stand out in the world.

Whether they stood or not,

Was not known,

But their odd title did.



A Lotus In A Pond.

A poem

A lotus in a pond,

Standing for ages,

Lone in the blue water,

Waited for a friend.

But there were no other being in the pond,

Except a few fishes.

Now one day,

God happened to be walking by

And he was in a good mood,

He saw the all alone lotus.

He waved his hand,

The effect was stupenduous.

The whole pond bloomed with lotuses and water lilies and many small water flowers and fishes of different colours.

The lotus which was alone before,

Became so happy that it radiated so brightly

And it glowed much.

The lotus lived happily with its friends.



Batsman’s Six.

Batting down the order,at number seven position, a batsman came in to bat just two overs before the innings was to end.

The first two balls were dot balls.

The next ball was a two.

The fourth and the fifth balls were fours.

The sixth ball was a single.

He got the strike.Again the first two balls were dud.

But, the last four balls made the bowler cry.

The four balls were hit for sixes but the last ball smashed into the commentators box,

Befuddling the commentators and one of them decided to leave the commentator’s job then and there.

The batsman was awarded 1000$ for being the maximum six hitter.



Making A Home.

Returning home

Making a home,

With love,




Made the home complete emotionally.

Making a home,

With furnitures,


And other things,

Made it complete materialistically.

Staying in a home,

With strength,

With will,

With grandeur,

Which is not of things or of style,

But of being a king in one’s heart.

Makes the home complete.

A home is a pride,

One who lives happily and can do justice to it,

Shall have happy timea forever.