In Thoughts of Light Heartedness.

For many chocolates one may find lots of happiness,

They may even find a pie.

Or a big thing.

In thoughts of light heartedness,

We can ger ourselves back from the tangles of this world,

Which often entrap us from all happiness.

It is delight,

For which survive in times of adversity.



Beautiful Ain’t It Now?

The beauty lies in the object,

In one’s heart and soul.

Ain’t the soul beautiful?

Aren’t the stars bright?

In Lord’s divinity everything is beautifully made while there are a few kinks here and there.

Beautiful is a mother’s love for her children whom she nourishes and nurtures with all her love.

Beautiful ain’t the Lord’s love.

As forever it has been growing many manifolds

Only for humanity to miss it again and again,

For seldom people realize,

God’s has been sowing his seed of love without anybreak in between.

Ain’t it truly beautiful?



Superior Music.

Music has been a healing medicine for our souls.

It has been evolving for many eons.

The quality of music has seen downward growth recently.

Superior music has been missing for atleast two decades.

Though a few songs here and there do touch the superior quality but mostly music made are crass.

Most yester songs are of good quality for there was much effort put into making music.

Hope music revives itself for humanity and betterment of music.