The Ride To Paris.

eiffel tower of paris

The ride to Paris,

Is quite a hyped one.

The this and that,

The big things which happen there,

Are more mental than being truthful.

But yes, it’s a dream to once go there,

To see the city,

But for that you need money

And that’s where the plan falls short.



A Dance Which Is Natural.

A dance which Is natural,

Has seeked some time,

Some love,

Some help from the Lord to be his and not thine.

The dance is true,

For it likes to be back home,

As It Is too late too jump again,

In time unknown.

Hope he listens with his might,

As I love him,

Let him fight.

A dance which can stopped has to be stopped,

For anything unnatural is timid,

Loathsome and hypocritical.