A Happy Child.

A very happy child,

Asks for nothing but love from his mother.

He wants nothing but kisses and hugs from her,

To be cuddled by her with Infinite love and lots of love.

A happy child Is nothing else than the very embodiment with which God made this ever blistering and truly poking creation a bit beautiful.





The land where dreams are often more occurring than reality.

It’s all snow,

Rather any hope of being.

The high, cold and mighty Alps,

Where more dreams are shattered than being fulfilled.

Where laughter is stuffed in banks

And money not found,

Where all is lost,

That remains to be found.

Where big princesses turn kaput for flattery and charmed relations,

But the honest ones remain honest despite all turbulences all around.

And the big men,

With bald heads and big majesties,

Need to learn a lesson in humbleness,

In love and prosperity

And in being truthful

While the small ones needn’t go to far,

For in them resides love which will take to their goals,

Which is very much in the core than any bigwig who rather shouldn’t be,

Than being.



Much Afar.

Much afar are the thoughts,

The desires,

The wish,

The grants.

In it’s place are the muck,

The lies,

The hindrances,

The criminalism which takes a being very astray and afar.

Much afar are friends and relatives of old times,

Who have sold their souls to the devil.

There aren’t many he devils than she ones,

But the biggest one is truly a man not worthy.