In Quietness.

In quietness,

You will find love,

In it lies wisdom apart.

In quietness,

Knowledge is learnt,

In quietness,

Devotion can be found.

But quietness itself is a question,

That wherefore this quietness ?

For often in the deep rumblings quietness helps us achieve that solace which frequently eludes us.



A Letter Too Old.

A letter too old,

With its cover torn,

Was in a nearly tattered condition in a school bag.

It was from a principal to a boy,

Congratulating him for his excellent performance in his term exams.

The letter remained in his bag, as a memory of his achievement.

For in the last four terms he was one of the lowest scoring students.

That was a truly sore point for him.

He had notched up his practice and steadily his marks increased.

That letter remained his prize forever.