Bread And Butter With……

Bread and butter with love,

With chips and feasting.

Bread and butter,

The daily food of billions,

Keeps us moving.

A tiffin box filled with layers of bread and butter,

Is truly one of the best foods in the world.



Four Boxes Of Rusk.

A man tired of not finding rusks in the market, bought four boxes of rusk.

He was totally fed up for his day didn’t go without having rusks and there was truly a time in the pandemic when let alone rusks even bread and milk were in shortage.

Panting he went from one store to the another and at last found that the store had rusks in its stock.

He asked -“How many boxes of rusks do you have?”

The store owner was surprised.

He replied-“Four boxes.”

The man-“Give them all to me.”

He said-“Sir, do you want the rusks for yourself?”

The man-“Yes, for the last month I have been searching for rusks but have returned empty handed.”

The store owner smiled-“You needn’t worry sir, for we have nearly always have rusks in our stock.”

The man-“That’s is excellent, but I want four boxes of rusks now.”

The store owner-“Yes, sir.”

He went home a very happy man.”

What’s next?



Beautiful Fish Fry And Eggs.

fried meat beside sliced lemon and white mustard

Beautiful fish fry and eggs make a wonderful dinner time meal.

Fish fries are elusive these days.One has to struggle to get hold of fresh water fishes.

Eggs are evergreen but the costs are rising now a days.

Fish fries with mustard sauce and tomato sauce taste great.

So, dip the fries into the sauces(together or separately) and with seasoned boiled eggs enjoy them.