Cherish The Early Morning Tea.

Cherish the early morning tea,

Take the tea sips and feel the good ness of tea.

Be the best of best

And have the best of teas.


Don’t Lose Yourself.

Don’t lose yourself,

Buck up and fight.

Be courageous,

Be sporting.

Be the person what you want to be.

Don’t lose yourself.

Stand up for the all the good which you believe in.



In The Right Direction.

In the right direction,

Are the things that you want.

Which you crave for.

In the right direction,

You can even find God,

But don’ t lose yourself.


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Eating malai kofta / Malai kofta curry in restaurant/Eating Gulab Jamun


It was Tuesday afternoon, quite late and the Sun was eating our head up. So, we had to go a nearby restaurant to have our lunch.

But the restaurant manager told us that-“Only rice, malai kofta curry, dal and roti is available.

We were quite happy with the menu and asked him to place an order for two plates of it.

The food arrived within fifteen to twenty minutes.

The malai kofta curry was simply delicious. We even asked for the recipe of malai kofta curry, to which the steward replied-“I will have to speak to the chef.” But he didn’t get back to us. The roti was served with ghee and the food tasted great but to our surprise, a plate of gulab jamun was served to us and they were extremely delicious.

On the whole, it was quite an adventure.