Beautiful Fish Fry And Eggs.

fried meat beside sliced lemon and white mustard

Beautiful fish fry and eggs make a wonderful dinner time meal.

Fish fries are elusive these days.One has to struggle to get hold of fresh water fishes.

Eggs are evergreen but the costs are rising now a days.

Fish fries with mustard sauce and tomato sauce taste great.

So, dip the fries into the sauces(together or separately) and with seasoned boiled eggs enjoy them.



Little Tomato Pies.

Little tomato pies,

Baked by a baker,

Were kept on display.

The baker had made ten pieces of it

And eight pieces got sold.

They each got excellent reviews

And what made him most happy,

When he made fresh tomato pies for his son,

He loved it a lot,

And gave his mother and father a lot of kisses.



When A Baby Cries.

When a baby cries,

A mother is hurt the most.

She reaches out to her child’s cry immediately.

It is she who picks it up in her arm,

And cuddles it and makes it stop crying.

When a baby cries,

A father is also affected,

The father’s heart also wrenches out.

He too can’t bear the child’s cry,

And he joins the mother in making the baby stop crying.

When a baby cries,

The whole world of a parent goes topsy turvy,

And the love which parents have for their can’t be explained in words.



Potato With Rice And Eggs.

Plainly fried potatoes made with turmeric, salt and black mustard seeds taste simply wonderful.

When had with plain rice with an egg poach or boiled eggs, the whole dish tastes marvellous.

It hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes to cook this dish, and its simplicity makes it more beautiful, tastier and delicious.

It is truly a miracle.



Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice cream sandwiches are a fave dish in the desert world.

Launched many years back, they haven’t ruled much.

But there are a few human beings who do love it.

It is generally triple layered.

Have you ever seen it?

Well, well, well.

It’s time for some ice cream sandwich or just some plain ice cream would do folks.