Cake And A Boy And His Pizza.

A little boy very hungry for his afternoon lunch was in for a grand suprise. His mother bought him a big cake and big slice of pizza for his afternoon meal.

He was very happy, for it seemed as if he had the whole world at his feet.



A Day At The Jetty.

A day at the jetty,

Was full of the sea.

The fishermen and their happenings made the hustle-bustle around it merrier,

And brought in a lot of spree.

A day at the jetty,

Was full of sunlight,

As the sun shined very brightly all across the sky.

A Day at the jetty,

Was full of romance,

For the cranes pursued the fishes,

And the sea gulls took a look around.

A day at the jetty,

Show many boats coming in with their fish load,

And prices were fixed on each cartload.

A day at the jetty,

Was precious and charming,

For the sea and the jetty,

Are ever revolving and forever evolving.



Happy Akshaya Tritiya.

Today 7th May 2019, is the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya.

People on this day venture for new projects and investments.

It falls on the third lunar day of Baishak month which begins in the month of April and it signifies unending, undiminishing prosperity, happiness and hope.

It’s a day of celebration, halpiness and of new beginnings. Women buy gold and silver jewellery on this day.

So, happy Akshaya Tritiya to all.