The Pocket.

ball shaped balls fun games

The pocket consists of marbles,

Of chocolates,

Of rubberbands,

Of small pebbles,

Of pens,

Of notes,

Of little games.

The Pocket,

Consists of my Lord,

Who despite everything stands by me.



A Forgotten Friend.

A forgotten friend,

Once called upon me.

He wanted a book an information which I wasn’t able to give.

We chatted for a bit,

Then he left.

Soon he came back again few days back and thanked me for entertaining him and said that he had bought something for me.

It was a cake and on it was written-“For the old times”.



A Ball Written Upon With Blue Letters.

A ball written upon with blue letters,

Was hanging inside a mall.

A boy named Tim wanted it badly.

So, he asked his parents to buy that ball for him.

They searched everywhere in the mall and none of the shops there sold such a ball.

The boy was nearly upset.

Few days later his father went on a business tour and while on his way back he found such a ball and bought it for his son.

The son’s joy upon receiving the ball was of extreme happiness and his joy was unbounded.

He hasn’t touched any of his other toys for the last few days.