The Old Wisdom.

The old wisdom,

Of love,

Of age,

Of prosperity,

Of happiness,

Is an energy of life,

Which keeps us going,

Which bestows bliss upon all,

And keeps us all happy.



Love The Coriander.

Coriander, the old and trusted little herb,

Adds magnificent taste to the palate.

It brings out the hidden aroma,

And adds new taste to the food.

It is a herb,

Which acts like magic.

Any food dish which doesn’t taste well,

Can be made better by adding or garsnishing the dish with coriander.

It’s green colour gives a soothing texture to the dish,

And it looks good too.

Thus, do love coriander.




Laugh For Long.


Laugh for long,

Don’t stop in between.

Then after sometime,

Laugh again.

When you feel rejuvenated,

Feel the feeling of happiness,

To the maximum,

And laugh,

In spirit.

Laughter makes us love all things which are lovable.