Things Which Are New.

Doodle, Cartoon, Drawn, Food, Sweet

Things which are new,

Are beholden in the new light.

They are liked, loved,cherished and nourished.

Things which are old,

Need no love to be yours,

For they know you and are receptive towards your feelings.

Be it love,

be it a notion,

Something new is always a passion.

While old is gold

And it is truly said so.

Love is eternal and it is evergreen.

It is the only treasure which remains hidden and unseen.

That’s all for the day.



Amongst Us.

baby in white and red floral pajama

Amongst us is a big king,

Of old times and kingdoms.

He is very grand and unique.

Huge was his kingdom and beyond the perception of the human kind.

Amongst us is a true king and yet he is largely unknown.

Not just a king but a king as a king should be.

Just, merciful, kind, great, magnanimous,beautiful and for his children ever present.

Salute to the king.



Listening To The News.

Listening to the news gives an air of having the knowledge of worldly affairs.

It brings in such a perspective which one can never have.

It simply boggles the mind,

With which energy people explain the happenings and the logic behind it.

But it is wise and good to listen to the news,

For without knowledge a person is like a dumb being.



A Man Of High Position.

A man truly of a high position,

Sent me a letter.

He wrote that I should do what needs to be done by me.

But he simply didn’t stop there.

He followed up on the matter and didn’t leave it there as a mere display and writings of a few words.

Though in a position which is beyond coveting,

The man was who he was before becoming a big honcho of the big honchos out there.

Few days back he wrote to me-“I will check on your progress soon.”

Who knows maybe he is God after all.

For the Lord truly cares aboit his children.



The Fresh Feeling Of The Morning.

white sheep on farm in countryside

The fresh feeling of the morning,

Is bestowed by the mercy of a good cup of tea.

Feeling young and happy is the measure and time of the youth.

A peaceful sleep and a deep slumber also result in bringing about peace and the feeling of freshness,

But often people get lost in their sleeps and in what not.

The fresh feeling of the morning,

Is the freshness of the nature,

Of the dew drops,

Of the cool breeze,

Of the new sunlight.

Though these occurrences are now quite low,

Sonetimes, nature does give us an opportunity to see a fresh and new morning

And that often helps us to start somerhing afresh.