Being Youthful.

Being youthful has its own charm.

You can sing, dance, play and be free.

It comes without encumberances and stupidity.

Being youthful,

Gives you the power to survive even when things are tight.

It is divinity in act, but without Lord protecting it,

The whole becomes futile.

Be youthful and try to be it.



If I Could Gather.

If I could gather,

I would gather all the love in the world,

Take back the happiness snatched from us.

If I could gather,

I would collect those moments with our best friends.

I would collect all of my lost marks and

The love me, Ma and Baba have been missing from my maternal grandmother and grandfather.

They were and are the best.

Most of all we would try to be what we were,when and with love.



Beneath The Blue Sky.

Beneath the blue sky,

Few crumbs of bread for a little bird on a tree.

The bird chirrped and danced around in hopping around for few more crumbs.

Beneath The Blue Sky,

A small girl asked for a toy

From her father

And soon enough she got one.

And she will get many more gifts from him forever and ever.