An Extolling Physics Lecture.

There comes a time in life when as a student,

we are excited about learning physics.

The lectures begin and momentum occurs.

When momentum changes into oscillation, fan starts moving round and round.

Then enters Einstein. E=MC2 is a formula which you won’t forget for the rest of your life.

But for the rest of your life ask yourself this, what was the formula E=MC2 used for? Do you still remember it? Be honest with yourself. Do you remember it because you have to teach your kid about it or you remember it because you have a super powered memory?

Physics is an very interesting topic . It’s a subject worth learning, studying and researching.

But physics lectures are sometimes so very extolling, that by the end of it, what, why and when was this subject invented? What’s it’s purpose?When will the lecture end? Such questions keep going on in our minds.

It’s only the physics teacher or professor who understands nearly eighty percent of his lecture.

The students understand only twenty percent of it.Most, mug up the textbook and write the answers in the exam.The moment they write the exam, they forget what physics is.

The physics teacher spends three-fourth of his time teaching and the rest goes away in cursing himself or herself that why has he or she chosen to teach the subject.

Many times when a physics teacher opens the textbook, they become befuddled that whether what they are teaching is right or what the textbook is saying is right.

Knowledge needs to be firm and stable.

So does the physics lecture.

Physics learning must be fun.Not boring like a monotonous drill

Such lectures are not to be forgotten. They remain embedded in a student so that he or she runs far away from that subject.

Such is physics. But not for all.For some it’s like a walk in the garden or for some it’s as easy as playing baseball. It’s upto you.You can play baseball, cricket, volleyball or you can study physics.



Does Light Fall on Shadow?

Does light fall on shadow? Whenever light falls on something, a shadow is formed. Shadow is like a trail. Wherever you go, it is always with you. Yet if and only if sunlight falls on the human body or on any object, then shadows form, depending on the time of the day.

In evening or at night when street light or any other big source of light such as a car’s headlight or any such things, then also shadows form.

But the main point of thought is does light fall on any shadow?

Yes, it does as human eye is not able to perceive anything on which light doesn’t fall. The ability to see anything in complete darkness is something which bats can do. Humans would simply tumble and fall down.

So, to conclude the question that I asked here is “Does light fall on shadow?” The answer is a big yes.



It Doesn’t Fall Off………….

The answer is………………


Nearly two posts back, I had asked what is so unique about “SCOLEX””?

Scolex being the frontal end of the a tapeworm, has suckers and hooks with which it attaches or fits itself on the host, but it uniqueness remains in the fact that tapeworms are parasites and often when they are treated with worm killing medicine, the body falls of but the head i.e.the “Scolex” remains hanging on to the intestine wall or to which ever part it is doing its zumba dance on. It simply clings on to which ever part of the body it is invading, but generally it is based in intestines.

The deworming medicine can’t deworm properly and it is the tapeworm which usually has the last smile.

That’s the reason why the species Taenia solium are hard to kill and they often cause much higher degree of harm in humans.



What Is So Unique About “SCOLEX”?

Do you know what is so very unique about Scolex?

It’s a terminology used in science, biology and zoology.




Scolex is the frontal end of a tapeworm but what makes this small part so important?

In my next post I would give the answer to it.