Grass Valley.

A Grass valley,

With lush greeneries,

Come frequently in my dreams.

The cows,

The sheep,

The goats,

All eat their share there,

And roam around.

The sun glistens brightly upon the morning dew.

And the whole valley lights up.

One day we will surely visit the valley,

With my friends in tow,

There we shall have a lot of fun,

And whoever wins,

Will have to give a big feast and treat to all.



In Sleep And In Your Arms.

Give me my bottle of milk, Ma.

I want to sleep.

I want your cosy arms,

And I will go to deep rest.

There my friend Mitto,

Wants to play,

A hand in chess,

But I will go around in bushes,

To find my stones,

I left in Easters,

They are nine,

Different in colours,

They are round.

You will love them Ma,

Once I find them,

For this nest.

Mrs. Hini the teacher will scold me.

You will see my lips want to cry,

Soon I will smile,

As I see the big bright sky.

You will be happy seeing me smile.

I will start playing,

Once in your arms,

And once in my dream valley.

With a blink from morning sun,

I will get up,

I will see you,

And the hanging toy,

You will change my clothes,

And I will be your happy boy.



The Beyond Was Her Asking.

The beyond was her asking,

She achieved it soon.

She reached her dreams,

And helped others reach it too.

The beyond was her asking,

God helped her too.

He showed her the way,

And she followed it.

Her goal stood in front of her,

She tried to reach it.

She had to go through hard penances,

When finally, she saw that,

She was much ahead of her goal,

As she had crossed it much before,

Without knowing it.

She was very surprised.

She asked God-“God, the goal was with me much before I stood before it.How was it possible?”

God simply smiled,

And her life continued.