The Blue Sky.

Tree, Sun, Sunshine, Summer, Meadow

The Blue Sky,

Has not been good.

It has been asking and wanting.

It’s the man up there who is with us,

For we are trying to be,

Yet the time is under him to be,

As they can’t touch him,

Who is the biggest one,

We shall see.



A Tree In A Mango Orchard.

A tree in a mango orchard,

Was special amongst all of them.

The tree was a fir tree and the gardener used to love it.

The mangoes bloomed and they were juicy and nice.

But the fir tree had a beautiful garden built around it and dedicated to it.

That’s what made it special.

Everyday the owners would sit on the chair near the fir tree and plan their future.

It gave them much peace.



An Occupied Seat.

An occupied seat in a bus,

Was something new for that particular bus.

It went along the lesser used streets and went nearly empty.

A little girl wanted to ride the bus for her maternal grandmother wanted her to see the city.

But the front seat was occupied.

The little girl cried and sat on her grandmother’s lap,

The conductor seeing her cry,asked her why was she crying?

She replied-“I wanted to seat on the front seat and have a nice view of the city.”

The conductor smiled and got them the first row seats for it was reserved for him.

While before getting down from the bus the little girl shook hands with the conductor and gave him a big bar of chocolate.

“For making my day special” said the little girl.

The conductor had tears in his eyes.