Scary Bunjee Jumping .

Considerable height for bunjee jumping is what makes it quite adventurous and scary

But very few are courageous to undertake such adventures but nonetheless bunjee jumping is truly a scary sport.


Low Mentality Folks., Uncategorized

Low Mentality Folks.

person holding a gavel

Low mentality folks,

Always do harm to others,

They beg and ask for help for themselves and try to gel in their life in the best possible manner.

In short they are nothing less than criminals and thugs and conspirators.

It’s better to be nobody than being somebody as dirty as those rotten scoundrels.

Always beaware of such professional dumbheads.



A Tree And A Little Chubby Boy.

apple apple tree apples branch

A tree and the little chubby boy were best friends. The boy had his tree house built and there he used to have his lunch and dinner and his Ma would bring food for him there as their house was quite nearby. The tree was dearest to him and the tree too used to love him.

Now the boy after coming home from school would play with the tree and the tree to responded in different way by swaying the branches, by dropping leaves on his head. The boy went away on holidays with his parents and the tree was sad and was missing his best buddy but the moment the boy returned, the tree was extremely happy and hugged the boy with it’s branches and the boy too hugged it back.At that instant their friendship was reignited.Such unique and excellent friendships are still etched in time.



In The Mind.

In the mind,

What goes on is not even known to the Lord,

For he Is seldom bothered with It.

But in one’s life,

Most of it can be controlled and moulded Into something good or something that is not bad.

In one’s own mind,

Love can’t be found,

But It can be experienced and there is nothing better than Ma’s love.