Hi To Nothing.

Hi to nothing,

Bye to the dirt,

Rejig the love,

For it’s time,

To play true to last.

Be cheerful and proud,

For it’s long enough to see love truly sprouts.

It needs no hands,

No mind.

Love is truly and will forever be.



There Is Nothing Hidden From Him.

There is nothing hidden from him,

No pain,

Can be held behind the curtains,

No truth can be hidden.

He cries in our truth,

In love,

In pain.

He smiles at our foolishness.

But loves.

There is truly nothing hidden,

Any anguish which you may feel,

Reaches him much before,

You can imagine.

There is nothing hidden from him.

Do believe it.



Singing With Love.

Singing with love,

The boy caught the train.

The journey was more humorous,

Than it being awesome.

Singing with love,

The boy saw many things,

What attracted him the most,

Was the speed with which the things moved.

He had two apple pies with him,

And rest his parents bought from the vendors,

The rest and whole of it was a very happy journey.

Blessed aren’t we all?