How Do You Do?

In thoughts,

In love,

How do you do?

In benefits,

In laughter,

How do you do?

For most of the time,

How do you do?



The Small Boy And His Father.

The Small boy and his father,

Would travel here and there.

It was there to go out on a conquest,

But they were poor.

They would visit circuses,

Visit all places of local interest.

In their dreams,

They conquered all,

The father was the king,

And the little boy a champion of football.

They were indeed poor,

But not of mind.

Soon they reached their zenith,

When God took them in his hands,

And he kept with him forever and ever.



David And The Bird-Part 1.

Once David was walking down the road, when he saw a small bird sitting on a branch. He whistled to it and the bird turned his heads towards him. As David reached near the tree, the bird kept a watch on him and the moment he dropped some corns for the bird to eat, the bird flew and sat on a higher branch.  David walked a few paces and turned but saw that the bird was not there on the tree anymore.

He thought that he might have flown away. He started walking again and saw that a boy was riding a bicycle and went ahead of him. On the back seat of the cycle, the bird was sitting and preening its feathers.

David felt happy on seeing him again and whistled again but this time the bird got off the cycle, came in front of David and whistled and flew away into the skies unknown.

Two days later David again met with that bird.



Cricket On A Road.

Have you ever played cricket on a road? The game simply becomes fantastic.

A game of cricket played on any road, is a game where the stumps are either shorter or longer or most probably imaginary.

The rules are self-made and the umpiring is highly biased.

The most fun comes when protests are lodged with the umpire, who often disregards the rules towards the team whom he is not favouring.

When a batsman hits a four or a six, he learns it the hard way, that when the ball goes into someone else’s house, it is hard to convince them to give it back.

Many run away after the ball accidentally hits someone’s window glass and breaks it.

Road cricket is full of fun and frolic but be very careful, don’t hit anyone’s glass panes.