A Happy Child.

A very happy child,

Asks for nothing but love from his mother.

He wants nothing but kisses and hugs from her,

To be cuddled by her with Infinite love and lots of love.

A happy child Is nothing else than the very embodiment with which God made this ever blistering and truly poking creation a bit beautiful.



A Morning.

A morning I remembered my old friend.

We used to have good times together,

Before I became ill.

He is high and mighty and he left me in a lurch.

But I didn’t take it kindly,

For I was sad at heart to see such degradation of a friendship which was based purely on friendship.

Though are times,

Once a friend not always friend,

Surprisingly he ain’t alone in it,

There are big – big people involved in it

And they are quite close to me but in reality much afar.



Believing The Unbelievers.

silhouette of mountains

Believing the unbelievers,

Takes a lot of courage, patience and strength.

They suck our energy and do all wrong possible to us.

The unbelievers lead us on a wild goose chase,

While fulfilling their own damn wishes,

But when time comes they would ditch us for anything likeable to their Lord or their minds.