A Laughter Which Rocks.

A laughter which rocks,

Seeks no basis to work.

It is always happy,

Making people go around with cheers.

A laughter which rocks,

Achieves its bonus by making a child roll about with bouts of laughter.

A laughter which rocks,

Is a God gifted boon,

Maybe one day,

It will make you tickle,

To your inner most core,

With the blessings to laugh more and more.



Batsman’s Six.

Batting down the order,at number seven position, a batsman came in to bat just two overs before the innings was to end.

The first two balls were dot balls.

The next ball was a two.

The fourth and the fifth balls were fours.

The sixth ball was a single.

He got the strike.Again the first two balls were dud.

But, the last four balls made the bowler cry.

The four balls were hit for sixes but the last ball smashed into the commentators box,

Befuddling the commentators and one of them decided to leave the commentator’s job then and there.

The batsman was awarded 1000$ for being the maximum six hitter.



When A Baby Cries.

When a baby cries,

A mother is hurt the most.

She reaches out to her child’s cry immediately.

It is she who picks it up in her arm,

And cuddles it and makes it stop crying.

When a baby cries,

A father is also affected,

The father’s heart also wrenches out.

He too can’t bear the child’s cry,

And he joins the mother in making the baby stop crying.

When a baby cries,

The whole world of a parent goes topsy turvy,

And the love which parents have for their can’t be explained in words.



I Want To Say You Sorry.

I want to say you sorry,

As my love for you has been less.

I want to say you sorry,

As I couldn’t write you a letter.

I want to say you sorry,

For all the times we could have spent together.

I want to say you sorry,

For the forgotton emotions.

I want to say you sorry,

As you are true my friend,

And it could have been more thoughtful and lovable.

I want to say you sorry,

So that our friendship can grow more and more.



Fenu The Barking Dog.

Fenu the barking dog,

Would bark whenever he saw a rabbit,

A squirrel and a cat.

Fenu would run about in circles around,

His master,

Asking for an extra bone,

But whenever it saw any other animal,

Fenu would run off and stand beside it.

He has all the qualities of an excellent dog,

Except the fact that the above mentioned animals would drive it nuts and Fenu would bark madly.

That is Fenu (the barking dog)