A Big Town.

A big town erased in the maps has been located in the ruins of a part of a country.

Green vegetation had grown over it and none suspected it to be a remnants of anything let alone a town.

Few people are thinking to build houses in that area but there are speculations whether it would be right or wrong.

The big town had many Banyan trees, which has lead to a mass belief that it would be better if cultivation is done there.

But the fairy folks have planned something different



The Roads Are …….

The roads are empty,

With few going to the office.

Generally, the people out there,

Show the world that they are still going.

But the truth is something else.

Life has been rolling like bowling ball without hitting any pins and on the contrary,

Prices have been rising.

The roads are seen with vehicles lesser than normal,

Most going about doing their jobs,


The roads are…………….


When The Day Thought That It Had Ended.

When the day thought that it had ended,

Its journey began.

The cars went ahead in their race to be ahead,

But as the day rolled up to go to bed,

The sun called it back,

Saying-“Are you mad.It isn’t even noon,

While the kids would be coming home soon,

The duds would be having their lunch in their offices.

So better stay awake don’t fall asleep,

Though humanity has,

We need to go ahead for a few who haven’t.

The day rubbed its eyes

And prayed to Lord for a new start,

It had its lunch with the sun

And persisted till evening came to so its duty scratching its ears, for it too was sleeping.




beautiful bird bloom blossom

Truth often hurts.

It plays with one’s soul.

But to be in truth,

Is the best way to go forward,

For a world of lies,

Doesn’t stay.

It crumbles like dust.

Lie causes much damage

And those who do eventually fall the most.


Is economy.

For money earned with truth,

Gives peace to the soul,

While done so on false means,

Buys one many things,

But earns many deeds which can’t be undone.

It is a free gateway to hell.




Food is divinity, it sustains life with all its light. It is given by Lord to nourish his children with love and care.

Mother is the biggest source of food. She cooks, prepares, makes all dishes beautiful.

It is Ma’s preparation which brings taste to the food, not the ingredients.

Food is a source of very big and huge happiness,

It shouldn’t be missed neither should it be disregarded.

Food is eternal.

Be happy and enjoy your meal.