A Fierce Friend., Poetry

A Fierce Friend.

A fierce friend,

A fierce friend,

Came to my home.

He was concerned for us,

And asked how the things were going.

I replied-“ It is going as it is being made to go.”

He smiled and said-“I know that too.”

I was surprised-“You do?”

He-“Yes. That’s why I came.”

He hugged me tightly and said-“Never worry my friend.

I am always there for you.”

He was none other than God.



The Closing Paragraph.

The closing paragraph,

Needs to be beautiful, crisp,

And enrapturing.

The closing paragraph,

Sums up the whole writing,

It brings the focus of an audience,

To the ending,

Which contains the gist of the writing.

The closing paragraph,

Is a writer’s paradise,

For a writer wants to maximise the suspense,

And the closing paragraph,

Holds the audience on to the tenter hooks,

Like a child holding onto his candy.

There are some clever readers,

Who unravel the ending in their mind,

And when they read the same conclusion,

The excitement,

The “Yes” is highly satisfying.

While the audience,

Who don’t unravel the ending before,

Read the ending and contemplate on the whole book.

The closing paragraph,

Is one of the most important part of a book,

For this is where a writer signs off with his/her,

Book with their witty comments,

Secrets and a trail,

Which is often followed by the subsequent book.

If you pay more attention to the closing paragraph,

It contains the ending in such a manner,

Which is plain and conclusive,

Yet it eludes many readers.

Happy Reading.



The Flavourful Ice Cream.

The Flavourful Ones.

The flavourful ice cream,

Won many hearts.

It had strawberry and vanilla in it,

And was served in a cup.

Many asked for cones.

So, soon the host made a lot of them,

And the ice cream was served in it.

It made everything more cheerful and fun.

The cone added a crunchiness to the flavourful ice cream,

And the strawberry and vanilla’s taste remained in everyone’s mind for many days.



The White Snow Mountain.

The white snow mountain,

In the alps,

Stands tall and mighty,

But these are old words,

Which can’t give anyone a fright.

The white snow mountain,

In the beautiful alps.

Looks so calm and serene,

That when the evening sun falls on its rocks,

It gives a brilliant orange tinge.

It feels as if the nature lullaby’s it.

It’s an honour and a privilege,

To walk among such a majestic beauty.

But in truth,

It is God who is true and supreme majesty of all,

Who has created that glowing white snow mountain.

Upon seeing which my heart felt as it had something so exquisite and wonderful,

That it can’t be real,

It can’t be imaginary.

It’s only God who can make it possible.




Agony is much more than pain.

It’s more than displeasure.

It is that truth,

Which twists and turns one heart.

The internal pain which rips one’s heart out,

Is agony.

It is that pain,

Which can’t be subsided by giving a red, yellow or white rose.


Happens when one has nearly exhausted all of his/ her resources,

To heal or cure himself or herself.

But the only thing which can heal it is true love.

And the wait for it is truly agonizing.

If you are lucky enough then,

God’s love may touch your heart,

And remove all your agony.

Agony isn’t pain, displeasure or sadness.

It’s yourself,

But in pain, displeasure or sadness.