A Twist

A Twist.

Little Mussy’s Flower Basket.

A twist.

A twist,

Bought the whole game to a big change.

A twist,

Saw everything change,

A twist,

Was the epical change,

Which was written.

A twist,

Lead to everything,

But still,

People search for it.



A Good Bit Of Fun.

A good bit of fun,

Is much needed and required.

It cheers up the self and enlightens it.

A good bit of fun,

Is playing a game of ludo,

A game of tic-tac-toe.

A game of singing.

A good bit of fun,

Is shouting aloud with your friends,

Doing hoola hoop.

A good bit of fun,

Is what God has made us for.

For too much fun,

Often ruins the day,

And much less fun,

Makes a person unhappy.

So, do have a good bit of fun,

And be happy.



Do You Know Till What Height Pinus sylvestris grows?

Pinus sylvestris is a coniferous tree and is known as Scotch Pine. It is generally found in Scottish highlands and in other places in the world especially the mountain or hilly areas.

The question which remains to be answered is the height till which it grows?

In my subsequent posts I will give the answer.

Till then,’



Two Last Ball Finishes.

In today’s T20 match between India and New Zealand, New Zealand won by sheer luck and by four runs, but the uniqueness of today’s game was that there were two last ball finishes.

The New Zealand Innings had ended with a four and the Indian innings had ended with a six.

Two last ball finishes are rare in a cricket game.


N.B.-Last ball finish happens when any batsman hits a four or six on the last ball of their respective innings.